The Week That Was…

Not much reading has been going on this week as all of my energy and time has been focused on getting my daughter Claire ready for uni and spending some quality time with her. I put her on the plane to Brisbane yesterday and today she will move into her dorm room and begin, what I hope will be, an exciting, challenging, and rewarding time in her life.


What I’ve been watching:

While Claire was here, we watched this series together:

Really worth watching! Quite shocking but 100% compelling.


Joke of the week:


Which kind of leads in to my purchase of the week:

An airfryer. Finally giving in to the pressure of my eldest son, who is a bit of a foodie and likes to cook. He’s been ‘suggesting’ we get an airfryer for some time now. After only a few days of having one, I honestly can’t imagine being without it. Last night I made parmesan croutons to accompany slow cooked potato and leek soup and it was so delicious.

I actually have another purchase of the week, something I’ve been looking for since last year’s lockdown in May, when board games became a thing again…

At last! Youngest son and I are very keen to give this one a go.


Book of the week:

The one book I did manage to read this week was a very good one…


Until next week… 😊📚☕

18 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Such an exciting and challenging time, for mothers as well as daughters. My daughter Bec was in Brisbane for her first year of Uni but she had trouble adjusting to the big city culture. It happens sometimes, however she is quite happy now studying here in Toowoomba and living back home. Wishing Claire all the best for her first year. Oh, and that Supernatural Monopoly looks interesting!

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    • Mine is permanently on the bench near a wall plug at present. Since Thursday it’s been used twice a day, at least. They take up a lot of room, either on the bench or in a cupboard, but I’ve had an electric deep fryer in the past and this is much better, in so many ways, not least of all, no oil to clean up!!


  2. Wish Claire all the very best. Ashleigh starts Uni tomorrow too. She is thankfully living with my sister in Brisbane – so is living in style! Was extremely proud of herself for catching the ferry all on her lonesome the other day. And my mum tells me she’s proud of how well Ashleigh is navigating her way around Brisbane (she is driving). Mum shouted me an air-fryer the other week – OMG – they’re amazing. Must try croutons… ‘Winter is Coming’ (lol) and they would be great on soup. I’ve currently been enjoying making salt n vinegar chips in mine!

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    • Salt n Vinegar chips!!! Brilliant! Are you just slicing the potato with a potato peeler?
      All the best to Ashleigh too! They grow up so fast! It’s such a big step, moving to the city and studying at uni, so many changes all at once.


  3. Congrats on getting Claire bundled off to uni! I don’t think parents pat themselves on the back often enough for what an accomplishment it is. (see: your joke of the week, just FEEDING the kids for that long is incredible!)

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    • She’s having a good time, I just saw on her Instagram story some serious partying for O Week – those were the days!!!
      My youngest son is almost obsessed with the feeding. We’ve no sooner finished dinner and he’s asking what’s for dinner tomorrow… 🤦‍♀️


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