2021 ABIA Longlist

I don’t usually report on all book awards but I do like to follow the ABIA – Australian Book Industry Awards. The 2021 longlist has just been announced today and I’ve read quite a number of the books listed, all of which I enjoyed except one. I’m going to do my usual here and just share the ABIA lists as they appear over on the ABIA website. Let me know if you have any favourites or not so favourites listed and we can compare notes!

23 thoughts on “2021 ABIA Longlist

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  2. I’ve actually read a few of these! I’ve read 5 from the general fiction list and 2 from the international list, 4 from the literary list, 1 from the biography, 1 from the non-fiction list plus one from the YA list and one from the younger children list.

    Faves….I adored The Last Migration, as you know! It was one of my favourite reads of 2020, I also really loved the David Attenborough and the Barack Obama. A Room Made Of Leaves was interesting and Sorrow & Bliss was very well written! Truganini was fascinating also. Trust was a good crime read, my favourite in the series so far. I’m honestly hopeless at picking winners though!

    Honeybee and The Vanishing Half are on my TBR and I’ll be getting to both of those in the next month or so. I also own All The Shimmering Skies but am yet to pick it up.

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  3. Nice to see lots of different books this year with only a few in more than one category – shows that we do have more than one book and author deserving of attention! (Remeber a few years ago the book that was in almost half the categories and won all it’s categories that everyone gushed about? People are still deeply offended when you say you don’t want to read it!).There are several here that I have to read – and am hoping to get to them soon!

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