The Week That Was…

News of the week:

It’s all happening here right now. My daughter is a week away from heading off to university to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science after a gap year of earning money and gaining work/life experience. My youngest son started a new school three weeks after starting a new school – pretty certain we have it right this time. He’s switched back to the private system after two years in state education. All I’ll say is that state schools differ dramatically from town to town and who knew that the state high school in Mount Isa of all places was far superior to what is on offer here in Rockhampton. One week down at his new school, the same one his brother started at this year, and he is much happier. It’s also enormously convenient to have both boys at the same school again. No more multiple drop offs and juggling different drop off and pick up times – a bonus now that I am a single working parent. Winning on all levels, plus, this school is really lovely and I think it’s a great fit for both of the boys.

Friday night football has also kicked off this week. 🏉

I quite like these two photos of my son, despite how grainy they are. In the first, he looks absolutely enraged as he goes in for a tackle and in the second he looks like he’s annihilated every boy between him and the field. Ahhh, good old tackle football. No show without punch…no, really!

And in other news, then there was Facebook…

As a platform, Facebook offers the least engagement for me in terms of my blogging, so while being blocked is annoying and requires a bit of a workaround for me in terms of sharing reviews, etc., I can honestly just let it go. A timely reminder to not put all your eggs into one basket – which I hadn’t done for a long time now anyway. But for the Australian Women Writers Challenge (which I coordinate) it’s a bigger deal. We get a lot of engagement and click throughs from Facebook. I’ve reported it as being wrongly blocked but am honestly not holding my breath. I’ve put in place a couple of work arounds there too but essentially, we might have to go back to relying more on Twitter for getting our articles out and only have Facebook for our review discussion group.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been reading:


And on that note…


Until next week… 😊☕📚

13 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Yeah, Facebook, my blog page was taken down for a while and then put back. It made me feel mildly pleased to think that their algorithm had classified it as a news site but honestly, I don’t care. It takes feeds from my blog without me having to do anything but I don’t monitor that page and I’m certainly not silly enough to pay good money to have it ‘boosted’. Over 2000 either follow my blog directly and others access it through Twitter and I get many more hits from search engines. I don’t need it.
    The only reason I resurrected my Facebook account after I’d abandoned it a year or more ago, was that it’s the best place to keep up with photos posted by my niece in the UK.

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    • I know, I wish he’d gone to this school with his brother from the start but he was initially reluctant to return to private schooling. Now he’s seen the alternative here, he was able to make the decision himself instead of feeling as though I was forcing him. He’s glad that he’s switched and doesn’t seem fazed about the disruption – thankfully!
      I know what you mean, without bookish pages, Facebook is a meh!!

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      • It’s interesting how remote places can sometimes be better resourced. We found the same thing when we lived in a “remote” town in South Australia – had better access to therapy services for Dan than if we had lived in the city. Education was a different story though. Good that your son is settled now. A little disruption is a small price to pay for a happy student. Glad to hear someone else finds Facebook “meh” – I’m not the only one!

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      • I wouldn’t say better resourced in Mount Isa, definitely not, but better run, better processes in place with a broader mix of students.
        Up until last week, I loved using Facebook. I followed interesting pages and could utilise mine fully. It’s only now with everything blocked that there’s no point.

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