The Week That Was…

Football season has begun and so has the endless driving from one training session to another. Games begin this Friday night, and while I am partial to doing nothing on a Friday night, I far prefer night games to weekend morning/middle of the day games, that’s for sure.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Yes! An example of an excellent book to TV adaptation…

No! An example of a really bad book to TV adaptation…


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I’m thankful only one of my kids plays sport now and it’s all local so he gets himself there, though we still have to pick him up. Actually it’s picking him up from work 4-5 nights a week, anywhere between 10pm and midnight I find irritating.

    I liked Firefly Lane but it’s been years since I read the book. I haven’t started watching The Stand yet.

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    • Those late work pick up runs are the worst. My son had those before we moved, 11.30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. He’s looking for a job here now so that might pop up again too.

      I’m seeing a definite pattern in comment threads on posts about Firefly Lane that those enjoying it either haven’t read the book or they read it a long time ago so aren’t making as many comparisons.


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