The Week That Was…

Hello 2021 … we’re watching you! 👀


What I’ve been watching:

I enjoyed watching The Story of a New Name a whole lot more than I did reading it. This is good television!

Crypt of Tears was my first dabble with Miss Fisher. I’ve never read the books either. The costumes were divine but I’ve never been a fan of cosy mysteries or Indiana Jones and this came across as a mish mash of the two. Entertaining but a one off for me.

The Queen’s Gambit was particularly enjoyable. I raced through that quite rapidly. I still know nothing about Chess but that’s beside the point. The story arc of this series was brilliant and the fashion! Just divine.


Joke of the week:

It’s coming a little late, but I love it.


Summer vibes:

It’s so wonderful to once again live a mere 30 minutes from the beach…


What I’ve been reading:

This first read was inevitable after having watched the TV adaptation of the second book. I took a U-turn straight into the third book which I swore I wouldn’t read.


Until next week… 😊📚☕

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I am currently reading ‘Death in Daylesford’ Kerry Greenwood’s latest Phryne Fisher mystery and I have to admit she nails the era. Got a laugh out of Queen Elizabeth’s ‘comment’ although that photo is not from her 2020 speech because she wore a purple dress.

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    • No, the joke came out in the days before her 2020 speech, I just saved it because it was funny.
      I have that latest Phryne Fisher. Just haven’t read it yet. It was sent to me for review but I’ve been dithering because I haven’t read any of the others.

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  2. I realise I really don’t appreciate the fact I’m soooo close to the beach. I was a fan of the Miss Fisher TV series but more because it was fun and Phrynne was cheeky with nice clothes. Loved The Queen’s Gambit.

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