#BookBingo2020 – Round 12: A classic you’ve never read before

Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

At last! I have read an Agatha Christie novel. Seemed like a fitting choice for this category. This particular one was recommended to me by someone here on the blog a few months ago. If it was you, please put your hand up in the comments so I can express my thanks.

That’s a wrap for #BookBingo2020 🎉
I’d like to thank my co-hosts, Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse, and all the participants who have joined in, I’ve loved seeing what books you’ve matched to the categories. A challenge is at its most enjoyable when you’re doing it with like-minded people! 😊📚☕

7 thoughts on “#BookBingo2020 – Round 12: A classic you’ve never read before

  1. I liked this one, especially the idea of the mother who had gone off to Anatolia on a bus. Given that I had no idea where Anatolia was (still not completely sure!) I thought it sounded awfully adventurous… 😉

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