The Week That Was…

More Christmas spirit! Living once again in a city, with shops (!) is brilliant, particularly at Christmas time, and as such, I now have a Nutcracker collection.

The little ones were in a fantastic six pack, fantastic because any previous packs I’ve ever seen have been all identical, for hanging on the tree. I love how these were all individual designs.

And following on from the chair caper last week, I have at last put all six chairs together, without incident! By chair four, I was pretty much a pro. If this current day job doesn’t work out, perhaps I have a future working at Amart Furniture assembling flat packed furniture for display.

Speaking of work, the Christmas spirit is hanging heavy in the air there and we were encouraged (ahem…ordered) to wear Christmas themed clothes on Friday. I bought earrings especially for the occasion and wore a red top with a green skirt and red shoes, resembling an extra for the movie Elf, but fortunately, I wasn’t the only one!


What I’ve been watching:

Season two of Virgin River…

And Christmas movies, which are a great background when you’re assembling dining chairs. I’ve rewatched Elf and Love Actually, and watched this one, The Holiday, for the first time. Loved it!


Joke of the week:


My TBR got a boost this week with this lovely influx from publishers:


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

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