The Week That Was…

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front from me, although I’ve probably noticed this more than you. I haven’t read a book in at least two weeks, so while a couple of reviews went up this week, they were scheduled ahead and I likely won’t have any next week. I haven’t even been watching all that much to comment on either, just catching up on season 4 of This Is Us here and there.

What I have been doing is relocating from Mount Isa to Rockhampton. Within the last two weeks I was successful in obtaining a new, hopefully exciting, definitely challenging, role within Education Queensland (my current employer of 10 years). I have said goodbye to some truly terrific people, packed my car (and my life) up, temporarily said goodbye to my children who will join me closer to Christmas, organised what seems like a billion things to do with moving, wrapped up one job while mentally preparing for another, and driven 15 hours over two days with my little parrot Mordy by my side. I’ve never driven more than 4 hours alone, so this, I consider, a major achievement. I’ve arrived back in Rockhampton and have begun reuniting with friends who I haven’t seen much of in the eight years since I left (although have kept in close contact with) and moved into an unfurnished house with minimal stuff. I keep reminding myself that I have time to do ALL THE THINGS and get ALL THE STUFF, plus, my own stuff is on its way, just in stages. I have some great friends all offering help and if I just remind myself to breathe, slow down, and take it all one day at a time, it will all work out.

I am in a short term rental, for about 6 months, as my own home is currently tenanted. The house I’m going into is quite nice, freshly painted, new kitchen and bathroom, same neighbourhood as my own, big enough for us all. A couple of disappointments, which I just need to get over, but even so:

1. The garages are so low, my car can’t fit. I don’t know what car could, they’re so low! So my lovely brand new car has to now sit out in the open in the driveway for six months. I’m worried about storms, hail specifically, as we are going into storm season and hail already seems to be showing up around Queensland.

2. The house is living all upstairs and downstairs/underneath is the garages, laundry and an enclosed rumpus room, all of which is disappointingly filthy with spiders and crap left from painters and tilers, not at all what the photos looked like. I keep telling myself it’s downstairs, I’ll only need to use the laundry, although the rumpus room would be ideal for storage of boxes I’m planning on unpacking until I get into my actual house. I’ve taken a lot of photos of the downstairs conditions and noted everything on the entry condition report, but still, at some stage, me being me, I can see myself cleaning it and I wish I didn’t even have to deal with it. Thank goodness the upstairs was not like that!

Anyway, other than that, I am quite satisfied with the place and am looking forward to giving it a good vacuum and mop and then I can begin to set up and unpack.

Monday I start my new job! Wish me luck, I am feeling quite daunted right now.

Here’s a few shots of my road trip. By the way, Mordy was a dream traveller, just incredible. I had visions of screeching the entire journey. He chatted from time to time, but otherwise just played or slept. It was nice for me to have ‘someone’ to talk to along the way as well. What a bird! 🐦

Until next week… πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šβ˜•

40 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Congratulations on that road trip, what a way to start!
    May I make a suggestion? Ring your agent and tell him/her about the rumpus room. It is not what was in the photos, so they’ve misrepresented it, and what’s more, they probably paid the cleaners to clean it. So what *they* should so is get the cleaners to come back and finish the job they were paid to do. The rumpus room is part of the house, not an optional extra, you are going to need it when those lads of yours are underfoot, (and to dry clothes when it buckets down with rain).

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      • Well, clearly someone has stuffed up. If it’s dirty, as distinct from full of spiders, then the previous tenants would not have got all of their bond back if it was inspected properly. If some of the bond was withheld for cleaning, then the money was there for cleaning all of the property not just some of it. Whatever, it is the agent’s responsibility to have the property in the same condition that it was advertised. Be friendly but firm, you are within your rights, and (though you’ll save this threat for later if you need it) you have social media at hand to name and shame them if they don’t help.

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  2. Well done on making that long drive. Super good luck for Monday, you’ll be fantastic. Hope you get the house sorted, such a shame when the reality doesn’t meet the photos. I also think you should ring the agent, hopefully they’ll sort it.

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  3. Warm congratulations on your new role, and huge hooray to you for making that epic journey! I have just moved house myself (I thought a 5hr drive with my daughter and cat was daunting!) and can sympathise with your feeling of needing to have ALL THE THINGS done. But yes – just breathe deep, stay right here in the moment, and remember you only ever have to do one thing at a time: that one thing you’re presently doing. And that is perfect. You’re brave and steady and you’ve got this, hooray!! Much love, Kim xoxo

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      • That’s good! Hopefully everything is addressed to your satisfaction. Unfortunately actually getting things accomplished can be very difficult when you’re renting (eyes the hole in my roof that has been there since June)


  4. Congratulations on your new job Theresa and I hope it goes well. Moving is so exhausting, and with everything else this year has thrown at us, so I hope you have a chance to relax over the Christmas break. I guess you will enjoy being less remote, but definitely get onto the real estate agent. As a last resort, it is amazing how quickly things get sorted when you post a review online!

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  5. Best of luck for your new job. I’m sure you will love it. I don’t think I could have driven that far by myself. I hope you get all settled in soon and get some time to wind down.

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  6. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved so far and remember you don’t have to have ALL THE THINGS done RIGHT NOW. Moving house and starting a new job are both draining, so be kind to yourself and I totally echo all the comments made above about the real estate agent. Good luck for your first day tomorrow πŸ˜€

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  7. Theresa! Congratulations!! I lived in Rockhampton for many years myself, I can only imagine how much it’s changed since I was there last πŸ˜… Shame that you’re arriving just in time for the hot oven summer months, I don’t miss them at all hahaha.

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  8. I love hearing stories about people’s lives, and this is a great story. First, what a champ (and how pretty) Mordy is.

    Second, I think driving 15 hours on your own, over 2 days, is a HUGE achievement. I can’t think of doing more than 4 hours ever on my own. I did 4 hours many time when I was younger – travelling between Canberra and Sydney, which is now a shorter trip because of significantly improved roads – but I really can’t think of any longer trip I did on my own. I’d be really nervous these days about falling asleep!

    Third, I certainly do wish you all the best for your new job. I hope it’s great! How long before the kids arrive?

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    • I will admit, I was a bit worried about the falling asleep part myself!
      Mordy is looking particularly pretty at the moment because he’s just had his first full moult, all the baby feathers gone and these sleek beautiful ones now grown through. He’s got his ring which tells us for sure that he’s a he, because the females don’t get the dark black ring and throat feathers.
      First day today. I think it will be a good job, challenging, but hopefully rewarding too.

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  9. Good luck settling in! I hate paying for things I feel I should do myself (which means they don’t usually get done) but I know my sisters would say to splurge on paying someone to clean the downstairs or coax some friends to come help.

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    • I’m a bit like that, do it yourself if you can. In an update though, I informed the real estate agent of the condition downstairs was in and that it didn’t match what had been listed in the rental entry condition report, and viola! She has arranged for a cleaner at the owner’s expense. Winning!
      I am settling in well and enjoying adding some homey touches this week here and there.


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