A Month of Reading: October

#aww2020: 4 books

#BookBingo2020: 1 book

I wrapped both of these challenges up this month and the relief I felt about that is a big indicator that my reading will be challenge free for the foreseeable future.

Total books read for October: 9

Another slow reading month. The books are piling up faster than reducing. 😞

Until next month… ☕📚

26 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: October

  1. I’ve managed to find a couple that I’ve already read that fit into challenges, so winning! I’m debating whether to double up in one book bingo with a book that will fit into two categories, or whether to dig out another that would work.

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  2. Good on you for finishing some challenges. I have done terribly on challenges this year – I thought I might be able to pick up the pace when life in Melbourne ‘got back to normal’ but it has coincided with me returning to study, so challenges will take a back seat.

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    • 10? That kind of does make me feel better. Because it appears, from the outside looking in, that you might have been clocking up 20 to 30 books a month. There you go! And yes, the other challenges are definitely weighing in.


      • Sometimes I do, though it’s more likely to be 20 than 30. But they would be short books, and easy reading.
        And I *do not* pressure myself. My blog is a labour of love, which I hope benefits the authors I review in some way, so it’s a kind of voluntary work — but it’s not a job, it’s a pastime and one which has to fit into the rest of my life, not the other way round.
        So go easy on yourself:)

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      • It’s certainly a labour of love for me too. I’ve never wanted to think of it with obligations attached – hence stripping out challenges for the next while. I suppose my biggest thing here is that I have such terrific books sitting there waiting to be read, I just can’t read them fast enough, and linger over them as well, all at the same time. But you’re right, it has to fit into life and just as life is *busy* at present, it will be calm again some day.


  3. I actually don’t know how you manage the time to read so many books and then review them. It’s a great achievement. I’m lucky to do the Goodreads challenge setting my own conservative goal of two to three a month. Enjoy going at your own pace.Sylvia

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  4. Congrats on finishing these challenges, it must feel great to have these wrapped up well before the end of the year. Reading 9 books a month is an awesome achievement. My personal best this year is 7 so you’re way ahead of me. I’m reading Honeybee by Craig Silvey at the moment and loving it so far.

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    • It’s a terrific book, isn’t it? Glad to hear you are loving it, I’ll be keen to read your review.
      Sometimes I think I fall into a trap of comparison against ‘big’ readers, the 20+ each month. It’s nice to find out they are probably not the norm!


      • They’re definitely not the norm and even if they are, you’ll always fall short if you keep on comparing yourselves to others. They might have different circumstances to you that you’ll never be able to replicate. Just be happy ‘doing you’ and if that’s 5 or 9 or 12 books a month so be it! It’s still a heck of an achievement to be proud of 😀

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