#aww2020 Challenge Completed

I’m calling a wrap to my #aww2020 challenge much earlier than normal this year. I initially set a target at 52 books, but I’m tapping out at 49. I expect to read several more books written by Australian women between now and the end of the year, and will continue to link them in the Australian Women Writers database as I go, but I have a lot going on at present and I’m finding myself with a bit of challenge fatigue – not specifically this one, but challenges as a concept. It’s hard enough at present finding time to read anything, much less be concerned about what it is and what challenge it fits into.

So, to recap in covers, here are the 49 books I’ve read this year for #aww2020!

49 thoughts on “#aww2020 Challenge Completed

    • I’m thinking of taking next year off from all challenges. I actually am the team coordinator for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, and I really enjoy that role and fully support the challenge. I think I’m inclined though to just add my review links to the database as I go without worrying about the actual counting part next year. Then it won’t be a ‘thing’ if that makes sense.

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      • Just do what I do, Theresa, and say you’ll read 10! I don’t do this as a challenge, because long long before this challenge came along, reading Australian women was a priority for me. I didn’t need to challenge myself to read more because I was happy with reading priorities and my commitment to Aussie women writers. I always read and review more than the 10 (though not as many as you do) but just make that my goal so I can be formally part of it. Bill – the Australian Legend though – and I think Jonathan Shaw, just enter their reviews.

        BTW Congrats, and good on you for releasing yourself from this formal load even if you keep adding more!

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      • I have to be honest, there is nothing challenging about AWW for me either, it’s always been at least 50% of my reading, if not more. Bill is very active in our Facebook group too, not just posting his own reviews but interacting with others. He’s a real AWW champion!
        I feel a bit lighter today! Plus, I’m currently reading the last book for my bingo card and then all the challenges will be done.


      • I don’t do Facebook much, but I have noticed him there. He is an AWW champion, I agree. Glad you are on the finish line, there are so many great challenges out there, that would tempt me but I just know I don’t need the pressure. My review books are pressure enough!

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  1. Hi Theresa, I can understand your challenge fatigue. This year has been challenging enough as it is. It’s a good idea for us all to remember why we love reading in the first place and worry less about numbers and categories.

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  2. Well done! I actually find that a year off from challenges here and there really helps “refresh” you to be enthused for them when you decide to join in again. I did it a couple years ago and it was really freeing to just not have to worry about what I was reading but then by the time I got to about October or November I was looking for challenges to join for the next year and found I had much more enthusiasm for them.

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  3. Totally understand the challenge fatigue you’re feeling, perhaps reducing the number of challenges or your commitment level for each challenge next year will help. But congrats on an impressive AWW reading year, you’re an inspiration to many of us 😀

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