The Week That Was…

The end of the September school holidays! Nooo…

I can’t say they’ve flown by, I’ve actually been surprised at how much I’ve achieved, done everything I set out to do, but they were exhaustingly busy. These last four days have been spent blissfully reading, watching the odd bit of TV, and eating delicious food. At least I can end the holidays with a holiday!


Joke of the week:

The truth in this joke lies in this reply from my 14yo son when I showed him this picture:

“That would be SO much fun!”



Book of the week:

Truthfully, I’ve read some excellent books this last week, so good in fact, I can’t just settle on one as the best:


What I’ve been watching:

After many recommendations, I’ve started watching this and immediately found out what all the fuss was about! Compelling viewing. And rather frightening.


Good news story of the week:

My little porky Husky Zeus is no longer a porker! His annual vet check shows he’s lost 6kgs in the last year through strict portion control and daily exercise. He’s now at his ideal weight of 22kgs after reaching a high of 31kgs two years ago. This is mostly owing to my son, Adrian, above mentioned 14yo who is happy to skateboard into the ocean. When it comes to petcare, he is a lot less reckless. Involving both my sons in the vet visits has been the best thing to nurture petcare within them. They’ve been accompanying the dogs to the vet for years now and it’s meant they really appreciate all that is involved in owning a dog. Adrian really stepped up in the last two years when we discovered just how overweight Zeus was for his breed. He supervises dinner time to ensure that Zeus only eats his own food, not trying to sneak and bully Diva (our German Shepherd) away from her bowl so he can scarf down her meal as well. And he’s the one taking both dogs for a brisk walk each day, no matter the weather or his busy schedule. In turn, they now regard him as their owner and do everything he says – which he loves!

Note: if you ever adopt a Husky, don’t feed them like a regular dog. If you do, they turn into a porky seal in a matter of weeks and it’s hard to shift. They have an entirely different metabolism to regular dogs. I know that now!

Behold! I give you…skinny Zeus:


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šβ˜•

8 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. We are only halfway through the school holidays here, but it’s been a quiet week with Aleah studying for her HSC which starts in two and a bit weeks, the youngest and oldest working most days, and the middle either reading, or writing, fan fiction.
    Seems you had a great reading week. I’m starting The Godmothers today.

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  2. God. My boys (I have three) would think that hill looked fun. And actually, I reckon my daughter would take it on as well (that’s thanks to growing up with three older brothers).

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  3. Nawwww Zeus!!! Surely he’s earned a few sneaky treats, as a reward for all his hard work? πŸ˜… (Yes, your 14yo son – skateboarding desires aside – is clearly more responsible than me, I’m such a soft touch with dogs)

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