The Week That Was…

September school holidays!

That is all…


Joke of the week:


Book of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Just as good as the first! This was a terrific movie to watch with my 14 year old son. We both really enjoyed it.

New episodes of this have begun to drop and I like it still, four seasons in. Plus, weekly episodes prevent bingeing so I am still reading instead of getting sucked into TV land, as is my way.


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊📚☕

12 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. It’s a good thing I do NOT have to teach math to my son. I was terrible at high school math. But, in middle school my son taught himself complex mathematics (calculus and something called “discreet mathematics”) while teaching himself C+ and C++ and developing game engines… all for a hobby while getting himself into a health sciences academy magnate high school on his path to becoming a medical doctor – and all on the AP honor roll.

    Just following him with all that makes my head hurt. 🥴

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      • He’s 16 and a junior in high school (He’ll be 17 in December). He got himself into this prestigious health sciences academy HSA magnate high school all on his own. I didn’t even know he wanted to be a doctor. I honestly thought he was headed for a career in technology. He’d said from the time he was eight years old that he wanted to go into bio-medical technologies development. I don’t even know where he learned about such a field. Anyway, he taught himself all this programming and fell in with some game developers for Valve and software developers for RedHat. All over the county, the schools knew him for his tech wizardry.

        Then, when the it was time to pick schools, he only wanted to go to this one magnate school, which had a STEM academy and a health science academy. The STEM academy wanted him, but he applied to both and the HSA jumped on his application and he was in.

        Actually, the 9th grade year of classes (a year of classes is 4 quarters), the STEM academy teachers kept poaching him at class scheduling times. They were still trying to do that for 10th grade, but his HSA advisor blocked them. This term, the STEM advisor actually put him in one of the STEM programming classes – and the scheduling of that class knocked him out of ALL the AP classes he wanted in his core for this term. His HSA advisor went personally to the academic advisor and changed his classes to all AP core – even though, because of the late scheduling, it meant he’s in two classes for seniors (He has four classes per quarter). He’ll have all AP all this year, apparently; and that means he’s earning college credits for every class his junior year.

        Right now, his school is fully remote learning. They’re meeting soon to discuss if they should change course to full or partial in person learning for the next quarter which begins in the middle of October, or continue with remote learning.

        He seems determined to stay the course in the HSA program. He’ll graduate as a certified EMT Assistant. In fact, he’s supposed to start an internship between his junior and senior years – that’s Summer 2021. The goal is for him to be able to work as an EMT through college and medical school.

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      • Oh my goodness! That is so high level, what an incredible young man. I’m actually a high school career advisor here in Australia so I find all of this very interesting. I can’t believe your son has the opportunity to graduate from high school as a certified EMT! That is incredible. I really hope Covid is not ruining his chances with anything, or though he sounds like a high achieving person who could self motivate when required. Are there a lot of cases of Covid where you are? Would you want him to go back to school or remain as remote learning?


      • Yes. There are a lot of Covid19 cases here. And, we’re a bit worried it might kill his internship schedule. It’s already prevented him from doing it in DC, as he’d wanted to do. His godmother lives in DC and would have loved to have him do it there. But, the pandemic put a hold on internship plans and a suspension of out of county internships.

        As long as Covid19 cases remain high and as long as we have a regime literally planning to infect the whole country to achieve herd immunity, I think he needs to continue remote learning.

        Herd immunity requires at least 70% of the population get the disease and acquire antibody resistance. But to do that, it also would mean, with a 3% death rate, that nearly SEVEN MILLION Americans would have to die.

        Things are bad here. I’m not being hyperbolic. America is descending into a dystopian nightmare. If Trump gets another four years, he’s going to drag the entire world down into our nightmare.

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      • I am so sorry for all of you. The news I’ve seen coming out of the US is grim but reading this, from someone actually living there, is heartbreaking. I really hope you get a new leader, a new political regime, a new plan. That is just horrendous.

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      • I hope it’s more than heartbreaking. At this point, it’s not just about America. You and yours and your country are under assault too.

        This man is a threat to all the world. He’s a threat in a way we’ve never seen before. As he tears down America’s democracy, and lays waste to our alliances, and plows ahead with dismantling environmental protections, attacks the UN and humanitarian initiatives – including sanctioning UN International Criminal Court Prosecutor – Trump assaults the entire world. Without him ever directing a single physical shot fired, he’s laying waste to global progress.

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