The Week That Was…

It’s that time of the year in high schools where a lot of forward planning is done and that means longer days in the last week. But working until 5pm when you’re usually done by 2.30pm is somewhat shocking: to my body and brain, which I had to drag across the Friday finish line, and also to my laundry, because without any mid week washing, the piles upon piles were piled quite high. My weekend is all about washing and reading; I could think of worse things!

Hanging out #fridaynightfooty jerseys at midnight last night had me reflecting that it’s now been five years of #footymumwashing. Someone’s got to do it…


Joke of the week:


Book of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Practically swallowed this one whole. I do like all of John Green’s novels but my heart still belongs to Looking for Alaska. Not even The Fault in Our Stars quite matched it. Looking for Alaska just had that magic mix of everything coming together in an unforgettable way. This TV series really did do the novel justice. It was excellent. I did sob all the way through episode 7 though, but that was to be expected. I loved the way school staff were depicted as humans too, invested in their students well-being, not just the fun police. Great stuff!



Dwarf goats. No explanation necessary. ❤



I am a long-term Batman fan. So this trailer of the upcoming new movie has me all thrilled with anticipation and the darkness, because really, Batman is not a hero, and his story is fundamentally a very dark one. Eldest son and I are in accord about this.



What I’m reading right now:

Not sure! Pretty much spoiled for choice so it could end up being anything!


Until next week… 😊☕📚

16 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • It’s been nice to go down on a Friday night, buy my cup of hot chips and sit in the grandstand and watch. We’re all spaced out keeping our distance and sanitising non stop, but still having a nice time. When it was not on my boy was actually mourning the loss. That’s how important football is to him.


  1. I started reading The Women’s Pages today. Really good so far!

    Junior sport was so much a part of my son’s life. I still go now when I can…and when the sport is actually on.

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  2. I spent a few years washing basketball shirts, glad not to do it anymore though. They discourage spectators at the moment so I haven’t seen a game since he went back.
    The Womens Pages will be on the schedule for this week, I’m looking forward to it.

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    • Victoria Purman is great, isn’t she?
      There was talk when they first went back about playing with no spectators and I was expecting that to ahead but then when they actually did start back, the QRL had developed a Covid safe plan and the government lifted the restriction on spectator attendance.

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  3. Loved your review of The Yield ❤️ And I’d be super curious to hear what you think of Sex And Vanity! I was pretty underwhelmed by it, I’m (selfishly) hoping you’ll help me see what I’m missing 😅

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