The Week That Was…

What is going on with this week? On the same day, dishwasher fail and robot vacuum fail. My two most beloved labour saving appliances! New robot vacuum is on order, dishwasher to follow. But on the bright side, guess what starts this weekend?

So keen! I am planning to blog about each session I attend, so heads up, there will be extra posting from tomorrow onwards throughout the festival period.


Joke of the week:

It’s an utter mum joke this week!


Book of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

It is done! After 78 episodes, I’m taking a break from TV and have been back to reading.

I did enjoy this show though, the fourth season the most.


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… πŸ“šβ˜•πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. What a pain to have them both break down at the same time! We are contemplating getting a robovacuum but haven’t get any further yet.

    Enjoy MWF! I am booked into a few sessions but haven’t decided what I am doing blogging wise yet. There’s still time right

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