A Month of Reading: July

#BookBingo2020: 1

#2020ReadNonFic: 1 – I’ve finished this challenge but still found myself adding this title to my spreadsheet. I think I’ll unofficially keep counting my non-fiction titles just for interest.

#aww2020: 2

#TheClassicsEight: 0

The Isolation Lucky Dip Reading List: 1

My TV watching, specifically Reign, has seriously cut into my reading time this month. Conquering Wolf Hall probably took a fair chunk as well. Better luck next month!

Total books read for July: 9

10 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: July

    • Thanks Shelleyrae. It has been one of the few reading challenges I’ve done where I was posed with a true challenge. Many others are really just reading to lists and counting, but I had to properly get out of my comfort zone for the non-fiction and I’m grateful to you for that!

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