#6degrees of separation: from How to Do Nothing to Gulliver’s Wife

It’s the first Saturday of the month so that means it’s #6degrees of separation time! This month’s starting book is How to Do Nothing – Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell.

You can find the details and rules of the #6degrees meme at booksaremyfavouriteandbest, but in a nutshell, on the first Saturday of every month, everyone has the same starting book and from there, you connect in a variety of ways to other books. Some of the connections made are so impressive, it’s a lot of fun to follow.

This month’s book is one that I would never read. I don’t read a whole lot of non-fiction anyway, but is this a self-help style book? It sounds a bit like it from the title and blurb. The cover is pretty though, so I’m going to create a chain based on books with floral dominated covers such as this one.

First degree: Paris Savages by Katherine Johnson

Second degree: In the Garden of Fugitives by Ceridwen Dovey

Third degree: Her Last Words by Kim Kelly

Fourth degree: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Fifth degree: The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood

Sixth degree: Gulliver’s Wife by Lauren Chater

All the beautiful floral covers! Pretty basic chain, I know. I didn’t read the starting book but I have read all of the links in my chain – that should count for something, I hope!

Until next month! 🙂☕📚

18 thoughts on “#6degrees of separation: from How to Do Nothing to Gulliver’s Wife

    • Thank you, I’ve gone through about four blog headers early on but this one I’ve stuck with, it’s very ‘me’.
      I could have made several chains from these sorts of covers and that was just from my ebook library! They do have appeal though.
      Off to read your chain! 🙂


  1. Really beautiful covers for ALL the books here! I never thought of going the book cover route – very creative of you! (Plus this starting point wasn’t easy. Mind you, next month is going to be even harder – Rodham sounds like alternative reality, biographical, fiction!)

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  2. After I had done my chain (which will be up tomorrow) I looked at the cover and thought I could have just gone with the flower theme! Love the books you have chosen – very pretty

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