#2020ReadNonFic Challenge Completed

In a bid to push myself to read more non-fiction, I signed up for the #2020ReadNonFic hosted by Book’d Out. I chose ‘Nibbler’ which was to read six books. I wasn’t too sure if I was up to reading twelve, one a month, but look at this, it’s halfway through the year and I’ve read…one a month!

There were twelve categories that you could choose from in terms of slotting your books into. I’ve actually doubled up on one but there’s a couple of the books I’ve read that could have possibly been slotted elsewhere, I just wasn’t too sure where to commit them because they were a bit of a mix of subject.

Here’s what I read and what category I put it into:

Bjelke Blues by Edwina Shaw – History

All Our Relations by Tanya Talaga – Social Science

I Choose Elena by Lucia Osborne-Crowley – Medical Issue

Budgerigar by Sarah Harris and Don Baker – Published in 2020 (this one fits loosely into Science)

Almost Everything by Anne Lamott – Published in 2020 (this one fits loosely into Psychology)

Fathoms The World in the Whale by Rebecca Giggs – Nature

Thanks to Book’d Out for running this challenge! My change in my reading habits have really gained from it. 📚

17 thoughts on “#2020ReadNonFic Challenge Completed

  1. My intake of non-fiction has increased quite dramatically this year, which makes me feel good, as I’m generally having a serious reading slump. I guess I need to broaden the areas I am exploring through non-fiction, but at least I am still reading something, and it’s good to see one of my targets being met in the midst of the general mess of the moment. Congrats on your own success.

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  2. My favorite nonfiction topics are Intersectional Feminism, Literary Criticism, Disability in Literature, and the odd book about faith. I’m not at all tempted to read about natural disasters, climate change and the like, but I really should.

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  3. The 2020 Non Fiction Reader Challenge sounds great as do the categories though feminism is not something that interests me at all but true crime and natural disasters I find very fascinating. For my birthday hubby bought me an intriguing sounding book, The Ghost and the Bounty Hunter by Adam Courtenay (son of Bryce Courtenay), I can’t wait to get stuck into it. I had no idea that he also writes books.
    I enjoyed reading your list, Theresa, there are a few I’m adding to my TBR list.

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