The Week That Was…

The first week of my winter school holidays break is almost done and three of those days were spent with another migraine. You’d think that after thirty years of having them that I’d be used to it. For the most part, I am, but this year has been particularly viscous in terms of frequency. I’ve had times where I barely get them, maybe one in six months, and then there’s been times where they hound me continuously – like this year. It’s gotten to the point where I have to do a quick internal poll before committing to anything: will this lead to a migraine? Yes? Then pass. No? Okay, see you there. A bit over it right now!

So, in honour of this, not much reading again, just some TV watching and sleeping it off.


What I’ve been watching:

This was terrific! So much more than I was expecting and definitely not the romcom that it’s being promoted as – it’s much deeper than that.

Now I’m on to this which has three seasons, I’ve almost finished the first. It’s been a while since I got into a crime/thriller TV series. A great one to break the drought with! Advice I can pass on from watching this:

  • If you are going to marry a widower, ask around beforehand just to make sure that his wife’s coffin actually contained a body. You’ll save yourself a lot of angst later on.


Joke of the week:


Book of the week:


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 🙂📚☕

19 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • Each time I get one I think of trying an audio book seeing as I can’t do much more than lay around but I watch TV or sleep instead. I’m so over it. I asked my doctor for some different remedies but there’s not much else we can do.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. My husband suffers from bad headaches – some are brought on my food. It’s worth thinking about – intense flavours seem to do it for him. And yes, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself permission to just ‘chill out’.

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  2. Migraines are the pits.I have been a long-time sufferer as well, although things improved last year when I addressed my slightly high blood pressure (turns out that ‘slightly high but not enough to do anything about’ was actually worth doing something about in my case – I have hardly had a headache or a migraine since).

    Love Life is certainly in my COVID viewing highlights – smart, funny, sad. I loved it and so glad S2 is coming.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your migraines. My daughter, aged 21, gets them too and has been having them a lot more recently. She has spent most of her semester break in a dark room. We were wondering if it was related to the decrease in temperature, but a better management plan is going to be in order. It’s causing such a disruption in her life.

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    • I feel for her. I’ve had them since I was fifteen. They got quite intense during my university years (late teens/early 20s). I have never been able to achieve a cure/management strategy despite countless tests and scans and seeing different doctors.

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