The Week That Was…

The first day of the Winter school holidays, and after what has to be the weirdest school term ever – it’s all good universe, no need to try and top it next time around, normal will be fine – it’s a welcome break.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Last weekend was a long weekend so I watched this again, as I had been saying I would all along:

And then I moved on to a few movies…

This was a re-watch for me but happily so as I was on a mum-date with my daughter. We ordered in some gourmet pizza and gelato and watched a Christmas movie not even in July!

On my watch list for a very long time, I finally hit play on this in honour of our #Janeaustenbuddyread which is currently kicking along over in the book club group at Facebook. It put me in a Jane frame of mind, which was just the thing I needed. To refresh, we are reading either Pride and Prejudice or Emma. Arguing a case for which is best is probably impossible for me as I do love both for different reasons, but if we have some bookish fun along the way, then our aim will have been achieved. I watched this latest adaptation of Emma for immersion into my choice and was delighted by how good it was. Bill Nighy was just perfection as Mr. Woodhouse! The whole film was very close to the book and the characterisation was pretty spot on. But the interiors of the houses and the costuming! Just lavish.

Another movie to have caught my eye when it first came out but only just now make it onto my watched list was this:

Not at all what I expected but it had me enthralled right the way through. Not your usual period drama, it’s a decidedly dark and unsettling film. It is based on Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, an Opera by Dmitri Shostakovich, which was in turn based on the Russian novella of the same name by Nikolai Leskov. Katherine is sold into marriage and after beginning an affair with a groom on her husband’s estate, she methodically claws back her own agency, but to the point where it is at the expense of her soul. Very much the type of film I relish.


Book of the week:


What I’ve been reading:

Three books at once, not something I usually juggle…


On that note:

Until next week… 🙂📚☕

19 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Oh my god, I just laughed REALLY hard at that joke!! That’s fantastic, thank you for the laugh! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Bass Rock (I ADORED it.) Happy first week of holidays to you and yours. xoxo

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  2. Goodness, winter holiday – we have a heatwave where I live and I am melting away (no air con) and find it difficult to muster the energy to get anything done. I hope you and your daughter enjoyed Last Christmas. I’ve been meaning to watch it, since some of the scenes are filmed in the area I live, but never got around to do it. And I love the joke of the week!

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  3. Love the joke of the week, that is a good one! I never watch anything historical/period drama I always thought it would bore me to tears and then I watched Downton Abbey and it blew me away. And recently before corona virus hit hubby and I watched Emma at the movies and we were both surprised how much we enjoyed it. If any of the ones you listed are screening on Netflix I’ll give them a go.

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    • My sister was the same about historical shows/movies but Downton and Victoria flipped her of that! The only thing I watch on Netflix is The Crown, otherwise I stick to Amazon Prime or more recently, Stan. Both of those have more historical shows to my taste running.


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