The Week That Was…

Joke of the week:


Book of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Historically inaccurate but utterly bonkers and entirely brilliant enough to be forgiven for it.


What I’ve been eating:


Upcoming buddy read event:

Our next buddy read event has a twist! Participants can read either Pride and Prejudice or Emma. Which Austen is the better? Convince the other team via the sharing of quotes and impressions along the way.

You can join our #Janeaustenbuddyread over in my Facebook group, which is hosting the event. So far, we have more readers for Emma than Pride and Prejudice.


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… ☕📚

17 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • I love both of them too and even though I voted for Emma, I’m still kind of undecided. I really wanted to see the new version of Emma but the cinema’s shut for Covid before it got to us (we are always behind).


    • It’s very long…500 pages with small print. But it is covering a lot of ground. It’s quite dense with military/political tactics given that it’s about Peter the Great, but surprisingly, it’s still an easy read.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing the P&P v E Austen chatter play out over on Facebook 😉 And I’ve got a copy of Tsarina on my side-table waiting for me, but I’ve been feeling a bit 50/50 about picking it up… hoping your thoughts will push me off the fence, one way or the other!

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    • My review for Tsarina will be up on Wednesday but I can tell you now that I really liked the book. Does yours have that quote on the front about Game of Thrones looking like a nursery rhyme in comparison? Well, let me tell you, it does. And it’s bloody awesome. 😄 Brutal as all get out though!


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