The Week That Was…

Second week of the Easter school holidays and it seems to have flown by. Youngest son began working in the bakery department at Coles this week. It seems odd to think that all of my children are not really children anymore. Easter weekend was spent quietly enjoying each other’s company with chocolate, plenty of other food, Pims (for me at least), and hot chocolate laced with a drop of Baileys (for all). There was also a lot of Scrabble. Mid week we changed to Monopoly, The Walking Dead version, and it turns out youngest son is a Monopoly master, beating me at my own game. He’s become addicted to the power now!


Joke of the week comes to you courtesy of my youngest son who set this up and then pranked me by telling me the toilet was smoking. I had visions of vapour and rising sewerage as I raced up the hallway:

The Smoking Toilet


What I’ve been watching:

Inevitably, there was going to be more TV than usual. I watched both seasons of Jamestown and am now eagerly awaiting season 3 to air in Australia. It’s currently only on US Prime.

And then I watched this:

I may never recover…

Most of the book and the original film had clearly been blocked from my memory on account of the terror. And now I remember… 😱


Book of the week:


Other stuff:

It took a long time and was not without frustration, but I have finished uploading all of our photos from the last 18 years to ‘the cloud’. It is nice having much easier access to these memories, plus of course, that extra ‘back up’.

I’ve also been enjoying quite a few online literary events. How good was watching The Stella Prize online? The literary community are doing brilliantly to adapt so well to the current way of life. It can’t be easy organising things in such a different way, but hats off to all who are working to bring events to life online.

And I made a list. A post about it went up earlier today, but here is the fixed page on my blog with the list of books I feel a need to read (at some stage).


One more joke for the road:


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊📚☕

16 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Your book of the week is the ONLY book I have left from my April TBR pile! Think I’ll pick it up today. This is something of a new record for me…..I quite often have a book or 2 that I don’t get to in the month, from that pile. And I’ve never been finished (if I finish this one today) this early in the month before! Ever!

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  2. Love your son’s joke.

    I’m also enjoying insight into life of isolation with children/young people versus mine with elder care. I was at the doctor’s three times this week (although, admittedly, one of them was for all four of us to have our flu jabs) but the other two were to take the parents. It’s exciting times, being in isolation here!!

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    • I hope the parents are well, Sue?
      Week before last I was back and forth to the doctors as well on account of the son’s glandular fever but thankfully he no longer needs medical attention, just a lot of rest.
      My teens all do their own thing and are quite adept at amusing themselves but every now and again I see the ‘boredom’ weighing on my youngest. He’s the most active and sporty, so he’s missing his rugby league. Fortunately he’s taken to Scrabble and Monopoly with enthusiasm. And the dogs are certainly basking under his attentions.


  3. That smoking toilet is literally the best thing I’ve seen all day. I can’t stop laughing!!! Your son is a comedic genius!!!

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