A Month of Reading: March

Challenge Progress:

#BookBingo2020: 0 books

#2020ReadNonFic: 1 book

#aww2020: 8 books 🙌

#TheClassicsEight: true to form 🙄 0 books!

Total books read for March:

13 books

6 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: March

  1. You’ve managed quite few books – my March reading was pitiful (I should be thriving but instead, struggling to get settled into reading time. Pre-COVID I ‘made the time’ each day to read but now that I have rafts of time, I feel like I’m floating from one thing to the next.)

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    • To be honest, this total surprised me. I tend to read about 12 books each month in ordinary times. But this month, all three of my kids had birthdays, Covid caused me to blank out of reading for a full week, and my eldest son has been seriously unwell – which we now know is glandular fever. All I can put the reading down to is being on leave for the last fortnight. I’m clearly reading more than I thought I was – which is a good thing. I’m definitely floating about though, one thing to the next, I totally hear you there!


  2. We only have one book in common! But I will be reading The Deceptions soon (I’m at the tail end of the blog tour!)

    I hope your son is feeling better soon, although with glandular that is always a bit of a question mark isn’t it? My brother had it probably 15 years ago and it lasted a long time.

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