The Week That Was…

What a week! We now have a 14 year old and a 16 year old in the house. It’s been a good week for cake. Not such a good week for humanity though. I am still at work: public education. I really wish those making the decisions to keep schools open would come in for a day and see just how impossible it is to police hand hygiene and social distancing for hundreds of teenagers. This whole issue is concerning for me, as asthma and previous respiratory complications (including a collapsed lung and pneumonia) puts me in the risk category for this virus. I don’t want to make this whole post about this though, but it is weighing on my mind, so much so, that I’ve hardly done any reading this week. My book of the week is also my current read.


I did make time on the weekend to watch a film I’ve been itching to see for ages, and I really did enjoy it.


Joke of the week:


Many authors have been faced with cancelled book launches and book tours this week as well as festival opportunities postponed for the foreseeable future. With bookish events moving to an online forum, I’d like to make known to writing and reading friends that the Australian Women Writers Challenge has a Facebook group dedicated solely to book news and events. Anyone is welcome to join:

Australian Women Writers Challenge News and Events group

And another newly formed group that has a similar purpose, but not restricted to the writing of women:

Writers Go Forth. Launch. Promote. Party.

If you are looking for some online bookish communal activity, these two groups are an ideal place to start.




What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… πŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸ“š

13 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Great suggestions, Theresa:)
    I assume you know that 14 and 16 year-olds can be excellent bakers of cakes, muffins and biscuits? (Muffins are the easiest thing to start with, here’s a simple recipe from my Facebook Notes:
    That could be their job, to keep the family supplied… (and to clean up afterwards, of course.)

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  2. It’s a terrifying time, I wake up in the morning now with knots in my stomach, I keep hoping it’s just an awful nightmare but it’s not it’s real.
    My daughter is thinking of pulling her niece out from school on the days she doesn’t work because of her poor hand hygiene, no matter how many times she’s told to wash her hands she won’t do it it unless you’re standing next to her, she runs her hands along all the railings and then puts her fingers in her mouth, she’s a worry. She’s such a handful my daughter will find it hard having her home all day. Everything is such a bloody mess regarding this virus.
    I’m glad you’re on leave it must be a relief?

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    • Very much so. I didn’t realise how sick with worry I was until it lifted: constant pains in my stomach, a low grade headache and my asthma causing chest constriction all last week. Without the constant worry those symptoms have lifted. Stress!
      I am glad my children are older. That would drive me to distraction, poor hand hygiene.


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