The Week That Was…

I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week, until today, when I woke up thinking it was Thursday…how exciting to realise that the weekend was already here! 😁

In earth shattering news, I started an adult ballet class this week, attending with my newly minted adult daughter. The pain was real, however, I really enjoyed it. Low impact strengthening exercise has been recommended by my physio for a while now, but I wasn’t quite sure what appealed. I think I’ve found my ‘thing’. Off again on Monday night…

And the latest parenting fail:

Giving birth to your child in the wrong month, hence, putting them in the devastating position of turning 18 last within their friend group. Yes, that was my plan all along…


Joke of the week:


Food idea of the week:


TV of the week:

It’s back! Season 5…and what an episode to start with! ❤


Book of the week:


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. It took 18 years to come to fruition but you were in it for the long run..

    Walking sounds very interesting, and I see that Kim Kelly has a playlist on her website to go with it which is fun.

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  2. Dance or any sort of movement to music is my favourite form of exercise, so I’m not surprised that you think you’ve found your thing. I love ballet – though haven’t done it since I was a teen! Anyhow, I do hope it helps you.

    BTW Tell your daughter the tide will tune and that when all hr friends turn 40 she’ll still be in her 30s, and so on. She’ll be able to lord it over them for decades!! Haha!

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  3. Wow! Ballet! Did you dance when you were younger or is this a whole new venture? I’ve been having a midlife crisis of late, regarding hobbies and activities… I want to try some new things and push myself a little.

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    • I did ballet and tap from about 3 to 8 yrs old, so given the distance I am from that, I’ll call it new. It definitely pushed me, but in a good way. My daughter is the ballerina, having danced competitively for the last 15 years. Having finished high school now, she’s in that zone of not wanting to give it up, but not wanting to keep going to kids classes. Hence, she went and then pushed for me to go with her the following week. It’s unlikely I’d have gone alone, but it’s far too easy for her.

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