The Week That Was…

Our wet season has finally arrived and we have been relishing a whole week of rain!

We are of course now isolated by flood, but swings and roundabouts. We desperately needed rain and the break from the relentless heat is magnificent.


Joke of the week:


Book of the Week:

A tie between these two, as reading one led to the other…


What I’ve been watching:

An incredibly moving, devastating, and thought-provoking film about a family’s struggle with a son’s drug addiction. I watched this one on Amazon Prime.


What I finished late last night:


Until next week… 😊📚☕

21 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. So great to see some rain your way, what a relief – bittersweet if it is now flooding, stay safe! I finished Big Lies in a Small Town yesterday (my last day of school holidays, back today) it was brilliant, 5 stars! I can’t wait to see your review!

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    • 5 stars for me too! I loved it!
      It floods every year though. It just affects travelling in and out by road, nothing like those terrible flash floods you see. We’re all used to it. Just stops the mail and sometimes makes it hard to get groceries when people start panic buying.

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      • So glad you loved it too, i’m yet to put my thoughts together in a review as it was back to work yesterday, then dog tired! I am relieved to hear there are no flash floods your way, that would be scary. I hope you have managed to get your essentials and travel around ok x

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      • I’ve been back to work for a week and a half now but I’m struggling with the tiredness. My reading has slowed, frustratingly! I have the time but I can’t keep my eyes open!
        We’ve had to buy alternative brands, etc. but still managed to get everything we need. The supermarkets have been better this year at stock control and limiting the panic buying. In years gone by, there would be empty shelves for days!

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      • It sounds like your supermarkets are strategically planning for these events ahead of time which is good. I’m relieved to hear you are going ok and have managed to get by on different brands. Has it cooled down with the rain?

        That transition back to school can be brutal, it does take time to get yourself adjusted back into the routine of everything. I hope you are feeling better after a restful weekend. I was tired after one day and that was a teacher development day too. Next week it all starts up, along with all the after school activities! I hope you were able to catch up on some reading over the weekend?

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  2. I’m glad you have received a decent rainfall, we had a deluge, but not enough to reduce water restrictions, and of course this weekend we are back on alert for bushfires due to extreme heat.

    Riptides arrived this week, I’m looking forward to reading it.

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    • It is looking nice at the moment. Prior to the rain, we were watering a bit every second day. It’s recommended out here as a way to reduce lead absorption (from the mines).
      Pretty sure you’ll like Riptides!


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