The Week That Was…

Full disclosure: tomorrow is my birthday. As a birthday treat, my sons came to the movies with me to see Dolittle. My older son doesn’t do things like this much anymore, it’s usually just me and my youngest seeing movies together nowadays, so it really was a birthday gift to all go out together.

Dolittle really was fabulously entertaining. I highly recommend seeing it.


Joke of the week:


I go back to work next Wednesday after a long break, I’ve been off since the start of December. I’ve been cramming some extra TV in as the end approaches as once I’m back at work, there will be significantly less time for TV.

What I’ve been watching:

(Season 2 of Big Little Lies)

Both of these were an excellent way to pass the time!


Book of the Week:

Inspired by my viewing…


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week…😊📚☕

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