The Week That Was…

What I’ve been watching:

Thoroughly enjoyed this film!

And this:

Which more than lived up to my sky high expectations.


Book of the Week:


Joke of the week:


Most of my Facebook timeline is currently featuring stories and videos about Koala well being.

This is my favourite video from the week, courtesy of ABC’s Landline:


Still haven’t managed to hunt down a packet of these:

Popular opinion indicates that this might not be a bad outcome!


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊📚☕

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Yes, those beautiful beautiful sweet babies are coming through my news feed all day, every day, so sad but also so heartwarming watching people taking care of the koalas.

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  2. That video on FB tempted me to have a rare presence there so that I could share it with my neighbour who (sorry if I’ve told you this before) came home from Ireland on a gruelling flight with two very small children and went out again immediately to deliver towels to another neighbour collecting for a koala rescue centre.

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    • No, I haven’t heard this! If I lived anywhere near a koala centre they wouldn’t be able to get rid of me. All I can do from here is donate money and share videos in the hopes that other people will help as well.


      • Well money is what they need more than anything. It’s good to donate towels, apparently, and it’s even better to donate time, but all those doggy playpens you see being used as a safe place for the koalas cost a lot of money! It’s your unseen dollars and mine that make these operations work.

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