#6degrees of separation: From Daisy Jones and The Six to Commonwealth…

It’s the first Saturday of the month so that means it’s #6degrees of separation time! This month’s starting book is Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

You can find the details and rules of the #6degrees meme at booksaremyfavouriteandbest, but in a nutshell, on the first Saturday of every month, everyone has the same starting book and from there, you connect in a variety of ways to other books. Some of the connections made are so impressive, it’s a lot of fun to follow.

I’m aiming to read each month’s title and so far, I’m off to a good start. This book was never on my radar when it first released so I did need to read it specially for this, but it’s doubled up as my local book club pick for this month as well. I do like a book that can be read for multiple challenges/purposes.

Daisy Jones and The Six uses a different format for its narrative, and it’s on this basis that I’m making my first leap. Half Wild by Pip Smith played around with format too, offering it’s narrative in a variety of ways, from newspaper articles through to court transcripts, and this one is probably my favourite novel to date for utilising alternate formats to tell its story. From here, I’m leaping across via surname to Dominic Smith, one of my favourite authors. He’s written several books, each of which that I’ve read coming up five stars. But, one of his has been on my #tbr for ages, The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, and I intend on reading that one this year. Another book which is clamouring to get off my #tbr is Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, which I can’t believe I’ve never read. Speaking of Kates, Kate’s ‘Ten years, ten top books’ post
alerted me to a few other titles I needed to pull off of my shelves. In particular, Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears, The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney and Commonwealth by Ann Patchett.

Oh, that’s six books already! See you next month…

33 thoughts on “#6degrees of separation: From Daisy Jones and The Six to Commonwealth…

  1. Oh I’ve had Life After Life on my watch pile for years. I look forward to hearing what you think when you read it. Maybe you’ll inspire me to read it.

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    • I noticed that and it gave me a chuckle! Honestly, I was so underwhelmed by Daisy Jones and The Six that it affected my ability to concentrate on connections. I kept getting stuck on ‘books that bored me’ but that seemed mean. Sometimes it’s better to have not read a book than have read it and been underwhelmed, I think. For activities like this anyway!


  2. Very ambitious aiming to read each month’s title! Did you enjoy Daisy Jones? I have seen so many raving reviews, that I’ve lost count, but I’m still not sure it is for me. Oh, and I haven’t read Atkinson’s Life After Life, so you are not alone.

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  3. Obviously I highly approve of your EXCELLENT chain 😀 (and you’re in for a treat with Commonwealth, Foal’s and Glorious in your reading future [see if you can get your hands on the Glorious audio, for extra enjoyment]).

    Given that you’re planning on reading all the starting books, feel free to email me some starter suggestions – katrina[dot]w[at]ozemail[dot]com[dot]au

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  4. I only got round to reading Life after Life last month, so the fact you haven’t read it yet makes me feel a bit better. I hope you get a chance to read it soon, as it is definitely worth it.

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  5. What a fun chain! I like how you connected each of the books. Life After Life is on my TBR pile too. Commonwealh is new to me, but it does sound good, and I like Ann Patchett. Thank you for sharing!

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