#TBT 2019 in Books…

Today’s #TBT is taking a look at my 2019 in books. I love the stats that Goodreads make up for you. Here’s what mine looks like:

144 books! I must say, that has surprised me! I set a target of 100, knowing I would likely nudge over, but this has exceeded my expectations. πŸ₯‚

As a recap, here’s what I read, in no particular order:

27 thoughts on “#TBT 2019 in Books…

  1. You’re a legend, Theresa!
    My shortest book was only 22 pages, that little (but very powerful) one about women and disability from NZ, (Here We Are, Read Us), and my longest was the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy at 1144 pages β€” but that was really a cheat, because I’d read the first two of the trilogy in 2018.

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      • Well, yes, but that’s what I did, read the first two, and then had to make a really big effort to take on the third because I was fed up with the heroine by then. If it had actually been a separate book, I wouldn’t even have started it, but I felt I had to complete the trilogy because it was in the same physical book.

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  2. I *love* the Goodreads wrap ups too (data nerd!). I was surprised at how low my average rating was, I’d always thought I was a generous and kind reviewer, but apparently I’m harsher than I thought πŸ˜… And 144 books, phwoar! Check you out! Knocked it out of the park!

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