The Classics Eight Challenge Wrap Up

A personal challenge I set for myself this year was to read eight classics. I have a bit of a habit of collecting pretty editions of classics, but I don’t necessarily end up reading them, so this challenge was a way for me to actively change that. I picked eight because in the past when I’ve picked ten, I’ve never gotten close to achieving it. Five seemed like too little – no challenge in the challenge.

So, how did I go?

I read seven!

I’m pretty pleased with this. I thought I might have been able to squeeze in the eighth between Christmas and New Year but I have a few other books I’m keen to get to so I thought I’d call this one at seven.

What I read:

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne – read to fill the classics square for book bingo

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – read for a buddy read with members of my Page by Page Book Club and co-hosted with Carpe Librum

Macbeth by William Shakespeare – read to help my daughter out with her year 12 Shakespeare assessment

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – read with my local book club

Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott – as above

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – read for #6degrees of separation

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll – as above

I’m setting this challenge for myself again next year. One thing I discovered with classics is that they make for a terrific buddy read experience. My aim is to read two classics next year as buddy reads. Hopefully Tracey from Carpe Librum will be on board for that with me!

9 thoughts on “The Classics Eight Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Good on you, doll! It’s the old “shoot for the moon, land among the stars” trick. I’m blown away by how many books you get through, so managing to squeeze in any classics at all seems miraculous 🙈 Looking forward to seeing what you get to in 2020!

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  2. YES YES YES!!! I’d l-o-v-e to co-host another buddy read with you this year. I have a number of classics I want to get to as well. I think the reason Rebecca worked so well was because it was a book many of us have wanted to read for ages, there’s been a movie adaptation and even people who read it years ago wanted to share their thoughts about it.

    Some classics like this that I’m interested in reading are: Robinson Crusoe, The Count of Monte Cristo, Lord of the Flies, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Day of the Triffids. I’d also be interested in reading Jane Eyre or Emma by Charlotte Bronte. Do you have any in mind? Let’s chat!

    (Sorry about getting to this late, I have a list of blog posts I’m still making my way through 😉 )

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