#BookBingo – Round 25

Drumroll…this is the end! A full bingo card for 2019, finishing on the square:

A book written by an author with the same initials as you

For this one, I picked Bitter Leaves by Tabatha Stirling. But I didn’t actually finish it.

I think my issue with this novel is mostly to do with the way it’s executed. It’s told entirely in the first person, which sometimes can work really well, but in this case, it’s just coming off as very monotone and stilted, a reiteration of events that aren’t moving forward. And it’s rather miserable, which is of course in keeping with the theme of the story, but I can’t help but feel as though it is a grim train to nowhere, for want of another expression. There is so much cruelty and abuse, too much so, it overwhelms and left me feeling quite drained, and the cast is far too large to keep track of without effort. As far as topics of writing go, it’s a very valid one with many interesting threads of possibility. It’s heartbreaking, how these maids are treated, so don’t for a moment think that I am dismissing the validity of this story or nullifying its importance. The story is one I’m interested in, I just don’t want to read it in its current state.

And, that’s enough about that. I really should have gone with Tricia Stringer…

For 2019, I’m teaming up with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse for an even bigger, and more challenging book bingo. We’d love to have you join us. Every second Saturday throughout 2019, we’ll post our latest round. We invite you to join in at any stage, just pop the link to your bingo posts into the comments section of our bingo posts each fortnight so we can visit you. If you’re not a blogger, feel free to just write your book titles and thoughts on the books into the comments section each fortnight, and tag us on social media if you are playing along that way.

12 thoughts on “#BookBingo – Round 25

    • Bingo is probably one of my most enjoyable challenges. I’ve scaled the card back for next year though as this one was ‘accidentally’ thirty squares and that did end up overly ambitious in the end, and slightly confusing for others since there were more squares than Saturdays.


  1. Congratulations! Yay to me for completing the bingo card but sadly that means I only read half of my books that were on my coffee table, I should have concentrated on that pile more as it was a challenge I set for myself rather than the bingo card as I was only playing along unofficially anyway, I thought I could manage both (by reading faster but nope I’m a snail, lol) however, I did have lots of fun so thank you for an exciting (albeit huge) bingo card!

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      • Oops, sorry, I forgot to comment on your blog each time you put up your bingo post, I did in the beginning then well, I don’t know what happened, I’m sure though I mentioned that I was playing along unofficially. Hehehe, I’ll check out the card before I commit myself. Hubby doesn’t want me to he sees how stressed I am by going around constantly murmuring, I have to read, I have to read… lol.

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  2. A big congrats again for completing Book Bingo 2019 and thank you so much for all the behind the scenes work you do to get this collaboration challenge up and running. I really appreciate it.
    On another note, yes I think Tricia Stringer might have been the better option lol!

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