The Week That Was…

Next week: CRAZY TOWN! Graduation week for my daughter and my students. We’ve got ceremonies galore and I’ve got two formals, one Friday night (for my students) and one Saturday night (for my daughter). It’s going to be fun!!! 🙌🤩 (really……as long as nobody freaks out about dresses, hair or makeup… or OP scores…🙈🙉🙊)

Watch the Mount Isa temperature soar to 40 degrees for the occasions!

Oh, and I’m also attending the annual Northern Outback Business Awards with my husband on Saturday night, ahead of graduation week. Three formal events in the one week. And last night was a cocktail party to close out the Girls for Mining program my daughter participated in all year. That’s a lot of dressing up and socialising for someone who likes to stay at home…

Joke of the week:

TV of the week:

Revisiting this classic and loving every minute of it!

Book of the week:

Purchase of the week:

While deep in the world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I surfaced briefly to go pick up a suit my husband had ordered. This was on display in the store:

I’m looking at you here Kate, you let this Jabberwocky loose for #6degrees. It was just too Alice to resist. It has a full skirt. I am going to wear this so much! 💙💛❤

Check this out:

I found this on Facebook. I’m definitely turning this into a challenge of some sort.

What I’m reading right now:

Completely undecided! Just too many good ones waiting on my #tbr…

Until next week…😊☕📚

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