The Week That Was…

It definitely feels like I’m stuck on a treadmill going the wrong way this week…

Nearly there though! Today is my daughter’s last day of classes for year 12. One exam next week and then she’s done with school work. Official graduation date is the 15th November with the formal on the 16th. It’s non-stop ‘stuff’ from now on though, so reading might be sporadic – much to my ire. I can hardly believe that one of my children is done with school. Here she is right back at the beginning:

As much as I hate saying it…time really does fly!


Joke of the week:


Book of the Week:


What I’ve been watching:

This is very interesting viewing. It’s a series, but each of the eight episodes are stand-alone stories, linked only by the fact they are set in New York. It’s based on an essay series titled ‘Modern Love’ that is published by the NY Times. Really, they are like novellas brought to life on the small screen, each episode like a short film. I’m really enjoying it. It’s different and heartfelt, exploring all types of love, not just romantic.


What I’m reading right now:

Thought I’d revisit ahead of Saturday’s #6degrees!


Until next week…πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šβ˜•

11 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Love joke of the week, there is a high degree of truth in it! The Dutch House is going on my wish list – I have seen so many raving reviews by now. And of course I read (listened to) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as well – preparation is everything! πŸ˜‰

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  2. As much as I’d love to get stuck into The Dutch House, I’m saving it for December, when all of the November reading challenges are over! (it’s taking all my willpower though!).

    Good luck to your daughter, and enjoy rereading Alice.

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    • I have some I’m saving until then too (holidays = more time) despite really wanting to read them now.
      I enjoyed rereading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but Through the Looking Glass was harder going this time around. There’s parts of it I like a lot, but on a whole, I found it disjointed. I haven’t read it for a very long time, so I’m not sure if I always felt this way.
      I also found myself looking for parts that featured in Tim Burton’s Through the Looking Glass movie and feeling let down to discover they were never there. I think this one is a case of realisation long after the fact that I prefer the movie to the book – in the case of Through the Looking Glass, that is.


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