The Week That Was…

…which is actually the fortnight that was, as I never got around to checking in last week.

It’s been a quiet week for blogging, but that’s the only aspect of my life that has been quiet. The review books have been arriving double speed of late and the titles! So good. I’m very excited about quite a few of them. In response to my excitement, I’ve completely stopped reading and thrown myself into binge watching this:

Because there’s nothing like tackling your mounting #tbr by ignoring it.

However, this show! I watched the last two episodes of season one on Sunday night and between then and now, I’ve covered season two and three and the first few episodes of season four – which sadly, is the final season. If you like music, particularly classical music, and humour with a bit of industry politics thrown in alongside a more human element of friendship, romance, and love, then watch this. It’s become one of my favourite shows ever.


Joke of the week:


Book of the week:

Given it’s been a fortnight of reading, I have two of these this time around…

You couldn’t get two more different books, but I thoroughly enjoyed them both.


This has popped up in my backyard, winding its way up my pool fence. At last count, there are five sunflowers blooming on the one plant. A side effect of all that birdseed we toss around for the wild birds. They’re such a happy flower.


What I’m reading right now:

But of course, what I really mean is that I am watching eight more episodes of this:

And then I’ll really get stuck into this:

And this, which I also started this week:


Until next week…πŸ“šβ˜•πŸ˜Š

17 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Gorgeous sunflowers! There was still love is such a lovely and touching novel.
    Enjoy the binge watching… I too am gnoring that increasing tbr pile, in favour of book bingo at the moment! Some good books are coming in though!

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  2. I’m really going to have to get amazon prime! I am trying desperately to catch up on review books, but had to read Holden’s book lol. Also a couple of library books being picked up and put down. I have There was Love out of the library at the moment, not sure I’ll get to it this borrow round. Have fun with Mozart.

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