The Week That Was…

Back to work this week and I am really feeling the early mornings and busy days! My reading time has taken a hit this week on account of dropping off to sleep each time I get comfortable on the couch. As an end of week treat, I’m headed to the cinema to watch Downton Abbey tonight with friends! 🙌


Joke of the week:


TV of the week:

I watched both seasons of Fleabag over the long weekend and absolutely loved it. I can completely understand why this show won several Emmys.

Then I moved on to this:

Totally loving it!


Book of the Week:


Beautiful photo of the week:

This one is brought to you courtesy of my son taking photos of the birds in our backyard. These little sweeties are having a freshen up in a sprinkler puddle – not rain…what is rain again?


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week…😊☕📚

18 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Enjoy Downton tonight, I’m with you in spirit! I hear you about adjusting back to work, it’s hard. I’m not looking forward to Monday! We are on our way home from holidays today.

    Invented Lives looks great, looking forward to your thoughts.

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  2. I miss Downton, so I might try and see the film sometime next week. Has Period Drama gone out of fassion? There hasn’t been as much of it over the last few years, certainly in Brittan. I’ve had to resort to sprawling family saga novels instead, so hopefully the tv will pick itself up again soon in that regard.

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    • I hope it hasn’t gone out of fashion, but you’re right, there’s not been too much, has there. The Crown and Victoria seem to dominate – lucky I like them both.
      The Downton movie was so good, just truly lovely to get caught up with it all again.


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