Challenge Check In – September

And there goes another month. We’ll be into the new decade before we can all say “so this is Christmas”…

What do the numbers for September look like?

#aww2019: 5 books

Book Bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse: 1 book – only two left to read for this challenge! Next year’s card has been designed and is ready for business as soon as the clock turns to the new year.

The Classics Eight: 2 books – again! And while I will acknowledge the beginning half of the year was looking a bit grim with a good likelihood of this challenge turning to ashes, I am pleased to report, I have now read five classics this year. On my way with this one! 🙌

Total books read in September: 12

Until next month…😊☕📚

10 thoughts on “Challenge Check In – September

    • The 11th January is the first 2nd Saturday of the month. Our wrap up for this year is the 21st December. I’m actually thinking we’ll need to unveil the new card somewhere between these dates to give people a chance to read for the first 2020 bingo date on the 11th. I’m thinking that I might do a launch post on the Sunday 22nd December, straight after the wrap up, so people have heaps of time. What do you think?

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