Spring Break Reading Goals

So close! Spring break is just around the corner. Two weeks of loafing about in weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. I always like to set myself some reading goals for this particular set of holidays, mostly because I begin, always about this time of the year, to feel the loom of another year over.

This is where my reading thoughts are for these holidays:

Reading whatever I feel like with no regard for publication deadlines or publicist expectations. This may see me reading a good combination of review titles and my own purchases. For two weeks, I’m reading exclusively by whim. I’ll still review everything I read, but it might not be the latest releases. Or it might! We’ll just have to see which way the spring breeze blows! 😁


Last spring break I put myself on a TV ban. I’m not doing that this time. I’ve just started watching Good Omens and I still haven’t watched the second season of Big Little Lies. There’s a whole heap of other TV shows on my to watch list as well and I intend on dipping into a few of them.


My poor book club on Facebook is a bit neglected. I intend on planning a few reading events for us and coming up with a reading schedule for the rest of the year.


So there it is. Freedom from scheduled living – can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Spring Break Reading Goals

  1. I find I can’t stick to tight TBR schedules without it feeling like a chore; so I’m all for your reading whims 🙂 I hope the holiday reading works out just as you plan.

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