#TBT: What I was reading on this day three years ago…

According to Goodreads, on this day three years ago, I was reading The Dry by Jane Harper.

It’s interesting for me to note that it took me five days to get through it. That seems like a long time upon reflection. Especially since the book I read directly after The Dry only took me two days and it was almost 100 pages longer.

Historical fiction is my preference – we all know that! And even though I’ve rated each of Jane Harper’s novels with five stars, I will confess that they take me ages to get into, every time.

Any genres that you find more hard going than others? Any books that you’ve read that have been unquestionably good yet still hard to get lost in?

6 thoughts on “#TBT: What I was reading on this day three years ago…

  1. I loved The Dry and got through it pretty quickly. Charles Dickens is difficult for me, I enjoy his books, but they tend to be chunksters and to me it feels like you have to read for a looong time before the story takes off. Recently, I read Mrs Dalloway and I had to make several attempts before I managed to finish it. I think that was primarily because of the writing style.

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    • It gives you that feeling as though you’ve been reading a particular book for what seems like forever. I wanted to re-read Vanity Fair this year, which is a novel I love, but I’m not reading it often or for long enough to make much ground. It seems like it’s been on my bedside shelf with the bookmark in a similar place since the dawn of time.

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