The Week That Was…

There are now two weeks left until the September school holiday break. They can’t fly by fast enough! Not that I particularly want to get away from work, just more that I’m so tired. Really drained and in need of a break from routines.

This week started on the wrong foot. Those connected to me on social media will know exactly what I’m talking about, for those of you who only visit here, in a nutshell, I published a negative review last month and on Sunday the author of said book insinuated on my Facebook page that I was an online bully. The groundswell of support was very moving and really helped me not get stuck in a rut over it. Although I won’t lie, the whole incident has left me second guessing myself. It might be a while before I’ve really left it all behind. I have received reassurance from the publisher that they don’t support such behaviour from their authors, so at least there’s that!

But things looked up rapidly once Monday came along. Each year at our school we have a student council activity called ‘Make Someone’s Day’ which involves writing cards for staff and students whom you wish to relay a nice message to. I received three heartfelt cards on Monday, which was a splendid way to begin the working week. It must be the week for giving because I’ve also been the recipient of two gifts from staff members in thanks for activities I’ve participated in. And then there was the last ever QCS testing held over Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Eighteen months of preparation goes into these two days. Seeing as it was the end of an era, I brought in chocolate cake and whipped cream for our 10 students sitting the exams. Receiving good will and gifts is lovely but I’ve always drawn a lot of pleasure out of giving joy too. And chocolate cake is most definitely joyous!


Joke of the week:


Recommended TV:

This 6 part drama on SBS OnDemand was excellent. One of the best TV series I’ve watched in ages. Highly recommended!


Book of the Week:


Parcel of the week:

Sara Donati is one of my favourite historical fiction authors. Her books are just brilliant. This is book two in her newest series, but owing to their length and scope, it’s at least three years between releases. This one is on the cards for this weekend.

Two days later, joy again as I unwrapped another parcel and discovered this:

Best book week for deliveries in a long time!!



I’m not a fan of hats but I really want one like this.


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week…πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šβ˜•

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I don’t look great in hats but I’ve seen that one online and I think I want one too!
    You already know my thoughts on the other . . . keep doing what you do. You do it well and you have readers relying on your honest opinions.

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  2. Hi Theresa, I am so sorry to hear you had such an awful start to the week. I have always found your reviews to be well written, thoughtful and honest. And I totally agree with Karenlee’s comment – as readers bombarded from every direction by new releases and promotions, we rely on an honest voice. Keep up the good work!😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Theresa, I’m so glad your difficult start to the week was turned around by others showing you their love and appreciation. Just what you needed!
    And what a beautiful thing to do for the Year 12s sitting QCS ❀️

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