The Week That Was…

I’m a bundle of nerves right now. Circumstances beyond our control have meant that my two eldest children (17 and 15) have flown off together for an overnight trip for their latest orthodontist check ups. They’ll need to get themselves around a bit in taxis and make sure they get to their appointment on time and the airport for coming back home. Fortunately, they can stay with family instead of a motel, but it’s nerve wracking leaving them to do this on their own. Sometimes I curse rural living where the orthodontist is 10 hours of driving away! Airfares just about break the bank out here too. They’ll be gone almost exactly 24 hours. I’ll be counting each one!


Joke of the week:

I actually had hair like this, but brown! πŸ˜‚


What I’ve been watching:

The Hunting. All four episodes streaming on SBS On Demand. Compelling viewing. I do think they fell short of utilising their full potential for thoroughly exploring this issue to their huge and captivated audience. There were also a few things that came off as not having been fully researched, but all in all, worth watching. Parents, don’t fool yourselves though that this is only an older teen issue. The peak age for this is year 7 to 10.


Book of the Week:


These shoes! 😍


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week…πŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸ“š

23 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Noo! You live 10 hours from the nearest orthodontist?! I could not imagine living more than 2 minutes from the nearest coffee shop. I am sure your children will be fine, but I understand your concern. Great hair in joke of the week!

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  2. Your kids will be fine. And unlike many other Australian kids, they will grow up strong and confident and independent, proud of the fact that their mother trusts them to be sensible.

    Those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I think I’ve seen them advertised a Goodreads…
    Do you buy shoes online? It always seems risky to me to get the size right without having a fitting, and if they’re wrong, then you have the hassle of returning them.
    The classic example of what can go wrong is when they change a last. I knew my shoe size in Beautifeel’s shoes, and they advertised a design that looked almost exactly the same as a pair I already had, in a different colour. But they had changed the last so that it had a slightly less rounded toe, and so the size I needed was half a size bigger…easy to do in their last remaining shop in Australia before they went online only. Now I have to traipse across town to Camberwell to get a fitting because there are only stockists in Melbourne. And I love their shoes!

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  4. Hi Theresa, I’m sure your kids will be fine too although I can understand your nerves. I’d be watching the clock too. I can sympathise with the realities of rural life. When the kids were little we lived in Ceduna, SA – it was closer to the Nullabor than to Adelaide. Due to the lack of doctors, Bec had to be born in Adelaide, 8 hours drive away. She was born with dislocated hips which required a brace to keep her legs in a froggy position for 11 weeks and regular check ups in Adelaide. We had quite a few trips on the plane known as the flying cigar. Fortunately we were able to get our trips subsidised, but I guess they don’t do that for orthodontics. City people don’t know how lucky they are sometimes.

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  5. I’m thinking of you my friend, I can only imagine how I would feel in your shoes. You have such wonderful kids and great values so I’m sure they will be fine. Breathe easy!

    Gorgeous shoes too, I would love a pair!

    I hope you are enjoying The Breeding Season, it is on my review pile. I’m glad you enjoyed Matters of the Heart, it is the book for the week for sure, it’s everywhere!


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  6. Good grief. The cost of orthodontics AND airfares?!
    I need to debrief with someone about The Hunting – a few friends are yet to watch the final episode so I need them to hurry up! I’ve known a lot of β€˜Andys’ in my time and although I don’t feel he got what he deserved, at least he got a glimpse of his future in his horrible, entitled father.

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    • I know! It really bothers me that the orthodontist doesn’t have a visiting clinic out here. I’ve been in their waiting room before where the four other waiting families have ALL been from out here, having had to travel in. And yet, they run a visiting clinic in a town an hour from their base. Ridiculous!
      On The Hunting. Oh goodness, that father made my skin crawl!! A few friends have expressed their dissatisfaction in the end, meaning they feel Andy got off. Honestly, it wrapped up pretty much the way I thought it would. One thing I was particularly in favour of with the series was that the photos couldn’t be pulled down and the website remained up. Reality! It’s the internet. You can’t change your mind. This was a good message.

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      • Yes, the ending was realistic (which is why I found it unsatisfactory 😬) and agree, the reality of having the pics there forever was a good message. I’ll be watching it with my teenagers.

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