The Week That Was…

It’s been a week of riding the waves of sickness this week, hence this weekly reflection broadcasting on Sunday instead of Friday. Everyone seems to be on the mend now, just some lingering coughs and sniffles. One lucky son escaped entirely – probably gives him further reason to advocate for bunking down in your room 24/7. No, this doesn’t mean he’s getting a fridge and microwave for his cave.


My book club met today. We have decided to go on a classics romp for a bit. First up is Little Women. I have already dug my retro copy out (retro, not old):

I got this when I was 11 and secreted it around Europe with me for four months. I loved it, read it over and over for about three years, but haven’t read it since. I’m looking forward to reading this old favourite with adult eyes.


Speaking of Little Women, I love the look of this new adaptation!


Joke of the week:


Book of the Week:

This was a tough call because this week has seen some good books. However, this one is most present in my mind. So unique and heartfelt. I loved it.


What I’m reading next:

Honestly, I haven’t decided. But there’s a few front runners.

Maybe this:

Or perhaps this:

But most likely this:


Until next week! β˜•πŸ“šπŸ˜Š

12 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

      • Yes. πŸ˜” Two of them had it. It’s really been 2 weeks of illness but this week seemed more intense with both sick. I was coming down with it but they gave me a course of Tamiflu to prevent it as my asthma becomes life threatening if I get sick. It worked and I only got the edges of it!


      • I haven’t had it the last three years because I began over time to have a topical reaction to it. The last time my arm flared up from shoulder to wrist, hot and swollen, and then it went numb for five days! The doctor wasn’t sure what was the cause but recommended steering clear. It’s a catch 22 though with my asthma. Although this antiviral medication, Tamiflu, was very good at snuffing it out. They say it doesn’t work on colds, only Flu A and B. Within two days it was like I hadn’t been coming down with it at all. Over the course of the week I had fever flushes and some head cold symptoms but nothing like what I felt like before they gave it to me.


  1. Hi Theresa, it’s definitely Flu season but glad you missed the worst of it, especially with your asthma. Wow, that’s pretty serious. I enjoy reading your Week That Was posts. I don’t know where you get the jokes from but they always give me a laugh. I think anything a parent does pisses off a teenager. My youngest turns 21 very soon and I am so glad our teenager days are behind us. The Guest House for Young Widows looks interesting…

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    • The jokes pop up on Facebook, I’m friends with some pretty funny people, but as I see them I save them knowing I will use them at some stage.
      The teens around here are testing at present. You think you have them figured out but then they go rogue again!

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  2. Good to hear you are all on the mend. We’ve all had it here too. My grandson spent two days in hospital. I think I would go for a The Secrets We Keot. I love all the titles with β€˜secret’ in them.

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