Sorry…but something’s going on with my comments to your blogs

I’m not sure what’s happened between today and yesterday, but I can’t comment on any of the WordPress blogs I normally visit. I’ve tried multiple times with ANZLitLovers, Whispering Gums, 1Girl2manybooks, Reading Writing and Riesling, and Mrs B’s Book Reviews. It allows me to go through the motions of commenting but then my comment gets gobbled up into cyberspace. It’s very frustrating!

I’ve tried logging in and out, different browsers and devices, even contacted the WordPress helpline – nothing has fixed it! I’m hoping it’s a glitch that will just sort itself out. Fortunately, I can at least comment on my own blog. But in the meantime, I’m restricted to liking!

41 thoughts on “Sorry…but something’s going on with my comments to your blogs

  1. I have been having similar problems for ages, have reported it to WP and got nowhere. SO please, do log it as an issue and keep at it. Maybe one day they’ll fix it.
    In the meantime, try using a different browser. If I’m in Internet Explorer, I find that I have to log in over and over again, but at least with most (but not all) if I click on the icon, it remembers me and logs me in to comment though it still won’t let me like anything.
    If I copy the URL to Firefox, I can usually, but not always, like posts. And I can usually but not always comment. (If I didn’t hate Firefox so much as a browser, that would be the solution, but hey, I think WordPress should work for all the common browsers not just the ones they like. (At work, we only ever had IE, and there were controls to prevent students and teachers downloading any other browsers so that was all we had and if it didn’t work we couldn’t use it).
    I’m going to have a look in my spam folder now just to check that that’s not part of the problem. Will get back to you if I find anything there.

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  2. Ok, the bad news is that I found six comments in my spam folder. I have marked all of them Not Spam even though some of them are repeated efforts to say the same thing. You need to contact all the bloggers you think you’ve commented on, and ask them to search their spam folders (only for the last day or two) and mark everything from you Not Spam. If things aren’t sorted out once people have done this, then we will need to contact WP on your behalf.
    How do I know all this? Because it happened to me a year or so ago, and it was awful. I felt cut off from all my friends! But Stu and Sue and others came to my rescue and it was fixed up very quickly so do not worry too much *hug*

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