The Week That Was…

Only two posts since my last week that was. My reviews have slowed down this week, the combination of a busy week with reading one of the thicker novels from my review tbr. The Wonder of Lost Causes by Nick Trout. It’s thick, but so far rather brilliant.

Speaking of busy weeks, this one was super productive and I think it’s because of today being a local public holiday (show day) out here. Waking up Monday morning and knowing I only had four working days until the weekend was a powerful motivator. Whoever came up with two day weekends back in the day didn’t really think it through…


I sent each of my kids this joke and they were unanimous in their view that in this cartoon, I am Steven, everytime! I have to agree with them…

Imagining the convenience of just popping up the road with my kids every three months for orthodontic checkups that run for 15 minutes each instead of my husband having to drive ten hours each way for those thirty minutes, whilst needing to take three days off of work to make it happen. Remote living. It has its challenges.


Last night’s Handmaid’s Tale. Hhmmm…while I enjoyed it, and cried a couple of times, I feel like we are once again descending into the classic Handmaid’s territory of circling around instead of actually progressing forwards. I thought this was the last season? Already halfway through and not much has happened in terms of dismantling the establishment or getting the hell out of Gilead. I thought (hoped) Serena might have taken a certain man up on a certain offer last night and set the ball rolling.

It’s cold again. I’m intending on spending as much of this long weekend as I can curled up on the couch reading while alternating between drinking tea and eating left over cauliflower soup. Winter bliss! Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead.

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Haha, love the cartoon.

    I haven’t watched any of The handmaid’s tale. I loved the book, and always meant to watch the first series but somehow didn’t. However, when I heard there was a second series that did it for me because that meant it was clearly not Atwood’s novel anymore and somehow I just didn’t want to go there.

    I haven’t done one review this week. Was in Melbourne for 5 days for grandson’s 1st birthday, as you know. I finished a book but didn’t get my review finalised before the weekend – now it has to wait because it’s one of those proof copies that I detest (I rarely get them but this company hasn’t learnt that they are not my bag) and I can’t post a review until I’ve checked quotes with them. So, irritating.

    BTW How cold is cold? Not, perhaps the -5°C we had this morning!? Still, I’d take ours over Melbourne’s grey drizzly but warmer days.

    Enjoy your coffee and cauliflower soup.

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    • I know what you mean, I feel the same way about Big Little Lies having a second series. I thought Atwood was one of the writers, but even so, that doesn’t make it entirely her
      work, just as Big Little Lies series 2 being written by Liane Moriarty doesn’t mean it’s entirely her vision either. I have mixed feelings about a series extending beyond the story of a book.

      It was 6° this morning. All through the week it’s gone from 9° then 7° a couple of days and now 5° for tomorrow. Desert cold though, clear and dry with a bite in the wind. Only about 18° – 20° max, which is cold for us. It’s the wind that does it though!


      • I have mixed feelings too. And am not going to watch either of them! (Well I did see the first series of Big Little Lies – binge watched on a plane flight. I enjoyed it.)

        I couldn’t remember Mt Isa’s winter temperatures – but I know our winter uniform was our high school summer uniform with a woollen jumper! We have been to Alice Springs in the winter a few times – probably a bit similar to you though I think mostly in the 9-20°C sort of range. We will be -3 to 12°C tomorrow. But if it’s still and sunny like today it won’t be too bad. As you say, it’s the wind that does it. Our winds usually come in late winter, early spring – right off the snow, and I hate it.

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  2. How good is tea? I’m currently in bed, catching up on reviews and some blog reading, with a cup of tea, the first of probably many cups today!

    I cannot fathom the idea of a 20hr round trip for some dental check ups. I’ve lived rurally before but never that rurally and now I live 18km from Melbourne (travel time 25m to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic!) and it’s mind boggling. My kids go to the dentist 5m away, it’s crazy to think of how much time it takes you to accomplish pretty much the same thing.

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend… to check out the chunkster you’ve been reading.

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    • I know, right?! People rave about coffee but tea trumps it for me. So many different types and blends and you never get bad breath from it! 😁
      Sport trips is another thing that takes an enormous effort. So far for just a couple of games or events, but you don’t want to prevent your child from participating, particularly if it’s something they’re really good at and have further hopes for, as is the case with my youngest and his football.
      But so many people who live out here use that orthodontist yet they won’t travel out here for appointments, forcing all of us to go the other way. My husband thinks it’s because the cost of the flights and the travel time for them coming out here (2hrs each way by plane) wouldn’t equate to them making as much money by staying put in Townsville with every 15 minutes being billed. It’s frustrating and I won’t lie, I look at my youngest son’s lovely straight teeth and think, thank goodness! But as I’ve discovered with the older two, it’s not always about crooked teeth. 🙄
      I finished that chunkster yesterday: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Loved it!


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