The Week That Was…

  • It’s been really cold here all week, in a dry and biting way that only the desert in winter seems to be able to achieve. After shivering my way through the week at work wearing insubstantial cardigans, I remembered yesterday in the morning that I own several coats! Out of sight, out of mind…but seriously? What is wrong with me? I was very warm yesterday, wearing a coat, one of five hanging at the back of my wardrobe. Do I need to set a reminder in my calendar at the beginning of next winter…

You own coats…wear them!

  • Speaking of forgetting things, this is what I forgot to put in my son’s bag Wednesday night when packing for him to go away for a four day football representative trip:

Yes, that is a pile of socks and jocks…only took me 14 hours after seeing him off at the airport to notice. 🤦‍♀️

  • The Handmaid’s Tale is back with season 3 airing on SBS last night, the first two episodes. I have recorded them to watch over the weekend. I have a complicated relationship with this series. I like to watch it, but two episodes at a time is usually my limit as it’s overwhelmingly grim. I am really hoping it’s the last season. As gripping as it is, I feel it’s been on the verge of becoming too drawn out for a while now. As it is, I’m sick of the two steps forward, eight steps backwards routine they’ve got going on. We’ll see how it goes as the season progresses.

  • I have read the most brilliant book this week, Richard Glover’s The Land Before Avocado. Hoping to have a review up early next week, but anyone over 40 will get a kick out of this book. Anyone under 40 will learn a lot. It’s hilarious, horrifying, informative, and above all else, uplifting.

  • Caramel M&Ms. These should never have been invented because they are just too delicious. And they don’t even appear to be a limited edition. What’s a person supposed to do?

That’s my week that was…how was your week?

11 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I watched Handmaid’s last night – grim but so far not as horrific as previous seasons…

    I’ll put the Glover on my list ( listened to one of his earlier memoirs because it was read by him. Very much enjoyed it).

    Caramel M&Ms. Yes.

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    • Of course, I am emulating your bookish thoughts post here, but I felt like I have been needing a weekly muse on things for some time now. Hope you don’t mind!
      Thank goodness for that on Handmaid’s. That first episode of season 2! Glad we aren’t being treated to an even more horrifying opener.
      I’ve run out of the M&Ms. But that’s two bags this week while reading. I need to steer clear of the supermarket!
      I think you’d enjoy The Land Before Avocado. And I think I’d enjoy reading your thoughts on it.

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      • Bookish Thoughts is borrowed from another blogger! I don’t post every week but sometimes like a spot for all the other good things in life other than books (like M&Ms!).

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  2. I bet your son was happy to discover no jocks and socks!

    Caramel M&Ms . . . oh, I wish you hadn’t mentioned them. Now I’m going to be forced to walk down the confectionary aisle. (as an aside, notice now I spelt confectionary in relation to aisle. I think it is normally shown as ‘confectionery aisle’. Which is correct in your opinion?)

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  3. That’s so funny, but easily done! I hope the football camp goes well and glad your husband was there to save the day. Keep warm, enjoy The Handmaid’s Tale and I’ll have to look into that book too.

    It’s been a quiet week for me, thank goodness and I’ve caught up on some reading which is good!

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    • I truly cannot believe I overlooked it!! He was no where near as worried about it as I was though, but I’ve heard that socks and jocks have been delivered.
      I’ve done more reading this week than the last few which is a good feeling!

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      • I think it’s easy done, you are so busy! Lol to boys, these things don’t both them but I’m glad the fresh supply was delivered safely.

        Yes this week has been a lovely one to catch up on reading! Glad to hear it has been a good one for you too!

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  4. As a veteran of the representative rugby trip, I am here to tell you not to worry.
    Those items I packed for The Offspring always came back home pristine clean, unworn.
    The teenage male is not renowned for hygiene, and when they are away together with no female to remind them, they are not at their best…

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