Behind the Pen – A Few of my Favourites with Sasha Wasley

Today I welcome Sasha Wasley to Behind the Pen, author of the beloved Paterson sisters series. She’s here to share with us a few of her favourites. Over to you, Sasha…

What is your favourite…and why…

Character from one of your books?

Free Paterson who starred in True Blue is a real favourite with me because she is so funny and unique! I love her candid way of talking and her idealistic view of the world. She’s completely unlike me and was difficult to write, but readers seem to adore her. I also love Pearl, the little girl in Love Song. She takes no crap and handles her disability with genuine aplomb.

Scene from one of your books?

In Love Song, there is a stolen kiss between Charlie and Beth in the kitchen – that I absolutely love. No pantry door ever saw such passion…

Movie of all time?

I’m not a huge movie buff but one that came to my mind was Persuasion (1995). So beautifully done and it captured my favourite book of all time perfectly. I always think of Dear Banjo as my Persuasion, True Blue as my Sense and Sensibility and now Love Song is my Pride and Prejudice. I also LOVE Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura movies.

Book that you always keep a copy of and recommend to others?

I have different books for different moods. I’ve got a collection of satires, Austens, Agatha Christies, children’s novels and books by friends. Alice in Wonderland is a big favourite but it’s not one I recommend to people because who hasn’t heard of Alice? From the past couple of years I have kept and loved Anthea Hodgson’s The Drifter and Tess Woods’ Love at First Flight.

Fashion accessory that despite having plenty of, you still keep collecting?

I don’t wear much jewellery but I do like a nice pendant and I have a few. My latest purchase was a gorgeous metal boab tree I bought in Broome last year. I go mad for boabs. I also love my Bella and Reg pendant made with fabric designed by an indigenous artist (a gift from a friend) and I have another pendant from my sister with the word ‘Scripturient’ on it (possessed with the uncontrollable urge to write). Yup, that’s me.

Drink that you enjoy everyday?

Wine! I have a nice glass or two every night. I like a rose, a pinot gris or a classic red.

Treat you indulge in?

I love sweet potato crisps! I only tend to indulge in them during weekend footy games.

Place to be?

In WA’s countryside on a relaxing holiday with my partner or family, glass of wine in hand, open notebook and pen on my knee. Hopefully there is an ocean or pasture view, a crackling fire and a snoozing dog.

Person you admire?

I admire Virginia Woolf for being incredibly ahead of her time in her writing and for her fiercely analytical mind. Her ability to hit the nail on the head takes my breath away. The patriarchy would be quaking in its boots if she was still alive. I’m a massive Malala fan too, if you’re asking about living icons. What an inspiration for the young women of today, and especially for those girls who have to fight for the right to education.

Season of the year?

Now that I am getting into gardening, I love autumn. So much new greenery, time to plant, and the wonderful promise of cooler weather after being hot for months on end. We are having the most splendid, mild autumn here in Western Australia this year but I can feel the cold starting to creep in.

Love Song

When she agreed to tutor Charlie Campbell, falling in love was the last thing on her mind.

At 17, Beth Paterson had just lost her mother and was working hard to get in to university. She didn’t expect to lose her head over a boy – and she certainly didn’t expect him to vanish without even saying goodbye.

These days, Charlie is a big star on the alternative rock scene, while Beth is a respected doctor in her hometown. But her ordered life is thrown into turmoil when Charlie comes back to fight for the tiny community where he was raised. They can’t stop crossing paths any more than Beth can ignore the resurgence of that wild attraction they once shared.

However, Beth Paterson swore no man would ever screw her over again – least of all this man. She’s been protecting her heart since he left and she’s not about to let her guard down now.

Out June 4, 2019. Available now for pre-order from your favourite store as paperback or ebook. Published by Penguin Random House Australia.

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