Bookish TV: Game of Thrones The End

This post is more for me than anyone else, because I wanted to save each of these S8 episode recaps from the Booktopia blog. Not having pay TV meant that I had to wait until Tuesday of this week, the day after the season finale aired, to purchase GOT S8 on Google Play. To keep me going each week, I indulged in reading Sarah McDuling’s marvelously entertaining weekly recaps.

I’ll disclose right here that I love spoilers. Not spoiling things for other people, but spoiling it for myself. I’ve always been the one to read a last page of a book, and I never commit to a TV series unless I can read a synopsis, or preferably a spoiler, online. I like to know what I’m in for.

So, if you haven’t watched GOT S8, but intend to, and you don’t like spoilers, then don’t click on the links. I’ve put them here all in the one place because I intend on reading them again, since I’ve now watched all of the episodes. I pretty much agree with everything Sarah says, both before watching and after. That’s probably why I found reading them so entertaining. A GOT kindred spirit!

Sarah McDuling, Booktopia’s resident Game of Thrones lover and spoiler enthusiast, recaps each episode of season 8:


A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The Long Night

The Last of the Starks

The Bells

The Iron Throne

Now, before I end this post, I just want to publicly declare that I LOVED THE ENDING! I am not one of those fans calling for rewrites and beating their fists on the ground in outrage. Nope. Loved it. It was perfect. Each character fulfilling their destiny and exactly where they needed to be at the end.


Look away now unless you want one character spoiled…

Last chance…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


It’s always a pleasure to see your favourite character – from both the books and the TV series – come up trumps in the end.

I don’t need anything more than this!

All hail the Queen of the North!

9 thoughts on “Bookish TV: Game of Thrones The End

  1. I commented on your fb post on this……but I just wanted to say that I agree too. I really enjoyed the ending. I -get- that this show was never going to be a fairy tale ending. That would go against everything it had previously done but I think a lot of people got caught up in the fact that it did go a bit “soft” on killing core characters when it ran out of source material. Quite frankly a large number of people made it to the end that I didn’t expect to. Dany and/or Jon as any sort of ruler was never going to work for me. I’ve been reading Fire & Blood, the history of the Targaryens these last couple days and I’m even MORE convinced now a Targaryen has zero business being anywhere near a position of power. The one that ended up there was my choice from about S4 (my brother and I had a long conversation about it, about 4 years ago) because absolute power corrupts absolutely and it just seems like this won’t happen in the scenario they chose. They left Westeros in what I think, is a hopeful assumption that it will be better than it was when the series started. Which for a story like this, is all you can ask I think!

    And I agree……the QUEEN IN THE NORTH. Talk about a character arc.

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    • Brilliant, wasn’t it, Sansa’s journey. From the books, I could see this path for her right from the point where she escaped King’s Landing, but I’m often wrong about these things and/or my hopes are blasted into oblivion. So satisfying to have this realised! I don’t think Bran was developed as strongly in the show as he could have been, more’s the pity.
      So, is this Fire & Blood worth reading? I’ve walked past it so many times in Kmart in the last fortnight…


      • Yeah, I agree that the show did not develop quite a few things as deeply as it could. The last season should really have been two – the battle for humanity and then the battle of Kings Landing. It was a bit rushed and a bit clunky and a few things felt slapped together but ultimately I was still rather satisfied.

        Fire & Blood is interesting. It’s not like A Song of Ice & Fire in that it’s written as a non-fiction text within the world, so it’s more like reading a history textbook than a novel. I’m find it very enjoyable but it’s also quite dense, in the way a non-fiction book is. Lots of similarly named people over generations that sometimes I forget who is which Lannister and why this Stark was different from that Stark. If you have time in your life for 706 pages of mentally unstable Targaryens marrying their siblings and annihilating not only their enemies but also each other and their dragons then I’d recommend it! If not, if you’ve read the coffee table book The World of Ice and Fire, the probable stand out bits are covered in that.

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  2. Yes! I loved Sansa’s ending – that scene showing her taking her seat on the throne gave me chills. Have you ever watched the Ozzyman Reviews recaps on YouTube? He referred to Winterfell as “doing a Brexit”, and I snorted so hard I nearly choked. 😂

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