Challenge Check In – April

Efforts for April look like this:

#aww2019: 7 books

#AussieAuthor19: 7 books

Book Bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse: 0 books (I’ve read and scheduled a few months ahead in this challenge so a lack of contributing titles from this month is no biggie)

The Classics Eight: this is beginning to get embarrassing… 🤦‍♀️

Total books read in April: 11

I thought my April reads would be down in number, given it was Easter, I had house guests, and I also went away. A far busier month than usual! Not a bad total, but not all that good either…

10 thoughts on “Challenge Check In – April

  1. You’ve done well. I can’t seem to read more than 4 to 6 books a month. This year has not been kind. Sickness (2 months), tooth extraction (yesterday) under general anesthetic, family issues, lots of beach walks (up until yesterday lol). But slowly everything is on the mend – health and family wise, thank goodness. I have my fingers crossed that I’m able to read about 9 books this month!

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  2. I think you are going great, considering the holidays, house guests and your trip! It is nice to see some books from your April reading pile on my own, you have prompted me to read a few! Good to hear you are on track with book bingo – so organised!

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