14 thoughts on “#ABIA2019 Shortlist Announced!

  1. I’ve read and listened to more of those than I’d have imagined. I hope The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart wins, I loved that book. And Eggshell Skull for biographies. And The Trauma Cleaner for audio books.

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  2. What an incredible list this year!!!! 😍 I really hope Allison Whittaker (Blakwork) and Bri Lee (Eggshell Skull) get a gong, both highly deserving and wonderful Australian women writers. I’d *hate* to be charged with choosing from the General Non-Fic shortlist – they’re ALL. TOO. GOOD.

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  3. Gosh, I’ve not read any of those but I’d like to give them all a go as they all sound and look quite good except for The Michelle Obama and Clementine Ford books – can’t stand both those women.

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