Book Review: Graffiti Lane – A Poetry Collection by Kelly Van Nelson

Graffiti Lane…

About the Book:

Graffiti Lane looks at life through an unfiltered lens, bringing a personal perspective on the grittiness of urban living in an eclectic mix of traditional, shadow and freeform poetry. The collection tackles issues of intimidation and discrimination, including playground and corporate bullying, domestic violence, marginalisation, gender inequity, mental health and suicide.

Yet while the writing is raw and the darker side of human nature is being exposed, there is an underlying sense of hope. The underdog is beaten down but not defeated and has the resilience to bounce back and rise again.

Graffiti Lane will stir the spirit and speak to the heart.

My Thoughts:

Kelly Van Nelson’s website is titled with the description: EDGY STORIES FROM INSIDE THE MIND. I find this an apt description of her poetry. It’s very edgy, an unfiltered musing on the darker elements present within society. The hidden, the insidious, the things people want to hide from. Her prose is powerful, and rather impressive. This collection is about 170 pages long, and it’s filled with poems of varying lengths and styles. As a poetry novice, I am so impressed by the scope of this collection. I consider it an achievement if a writer can produce a couple of poems, but the sheer amount contained within Graffiti Lane has stunned me. Kelly Van Nelson is a talent to watch, and for those interested in the Australian poetry scene, I imagine this collection to be an exciting release.

Here’s a couple of lines of prose that left their imprint upon me:

‘brave hearts know strength grows from revelling in being unique – being you’

This one here is the entire poem, short and to the point:

‘Shattered: what once broke me into a million pieces is what now makes me razor sharp’


Thanks is extended to the author for providing me with a copy of Graffiti Lane for review.

About the Author:

Kelly Van Nelson was born in the North East of England and lived in London, Edinburgh, and Cape Town before immigrating to Western Australia with her family. She’s a mother of two children, wife to her soul mate of over two decades, Operations Executive for the world’s largest provider of HR, Staffing and Technology Solutions, and contemporary fiction writer represented by Clive Newman at The Newman Agency. She has had multiple poetry and short stories featured in publications in the UK, USA and Australia. Graffiti Lane is her debut poetry collection.

Connect with Kelly:

Graffiti Lane
Published by Kelly Van Nelson/Making Magic Happen Press
Released March 2019

One thought on “Book Review: Graffiti Lane – A Poetry Collection by Kelly Van Nelson

  1. The cover is awesome. Reading poetry is amazing, I always get so much out of them. I love most poems. I collect poetry books and this is one I can’t wait to get my hands on. Once upon a time I wrote quite a bit of poetry (they’re very amateurish but I wrote them for me and I like them and that’s all that matters, I guess) I haven’t written any in years but I would love to again when we start travelling this beautiful country of ours.

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