Challenge Check In – March

Since I’m doing a few challenges this year, I thought I’d do a monthly check in post by way of keeping myself on track. March has turned out to be a great month for reading, far better than I anticipated given that I had all three of my children with birthdays and a tear in my calf muscle that has seen me hobbling around in pain and suffering from a lack of sleep. Imagine my surprise to discover I’ve made some good progress into each of my challenges this month – well, all but one!

Efforts for March look like this:

#aww2019: 8 books

#AussieAuthor19: 9 books

Book Bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse: 3 books

The Classics Eight: still failing miserably at this one…

Total books read in March: 15

An average of a book every two days – I’m quite pleased with that. Read on!

19 thoughts on “Challenge Check In – March

  1. I managed to progress all of my challenges this month although still woefully behind on the one that is the most ‘challenging’ – Mount TBR! I’ve pledged 48 books but so far have only read nine…

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  2. A few on there I want to read and two I have to read that are overdue. A good month, I’m not sure how I’ve gone this month, I know I’m behind in reviews and don’t feel I’ve read much.

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  3. Wow, that’s a lot of books in one month, wish I could read as fast I think I’ve only read 18 all up. It’s been a slow year for me so far with health issues and all and a couple of them have been 500 page books which always slows me down.

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      • Thanks Theresa, I’m finally on the mend, had a good day today health wise. Walking and earthing myself is helping heaps. Off to bed for an early night so hubby and I can get up for an early morning walk, here’s hoping the grass is not too cold for our bare feet. Lol.


  4. Oh doll, your calf! That sounds so painful! Hope it’s healing up quickly!! And you’ve done exceedingly well with all the birthday madness, I can barely get a book put away in two days when I don’t have anything else going on – love this check-in, keep it up! ❤️🥳

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    • The one thing I really like about these check in posts is how they remind me that I am actually getting a fair bit of reading done, even when it feels like sometimes I’m not making much progress at all. I’m surprised every month!

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  5. What a great March you had and you are progressing really well with all your challenge books. Good to see some familiar faces on your round up for March and others I would like to read myself. Keep up the good work!

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